Quick Fix to QuickBooks Error Code 103 While Banking Online

If you ask any business person which software is best for handling the financial side of any business, the answer will be ‘QuickBooks’. This technical software has managed to gain the top position in managing accounting and bookkeeping efficiently as well as mistakes free. It has extraordinary features and tools that are enough to catch your attention but at the same time, it is also not free of errors and bugs. 

QuickBooks Error 103 is one such Banking error that is encountered while using/accessing QuickBooks. This error can be frustrating as hell as it stops you from login into your Bank’s website in QuickBooks Online and leads to a delay in your crucial work. Anyways, with our help, you can fix QuickBooks Error 103 as well as avoid this error in the future. We will provide you an in-depth understanding of the root sources, symptoms, and methods to fix Error 103 QuickBooks. But before that, let’s understand what QuickBooks Online Error Code 103 is.

What is QuickBooks Error 103?


QuickBooks Error 103

QuickBooks Online Error 103 is also called a Banking Error. You will encounter this error while performing tasks related to your bank in QuickBooks Online. If you provide incorrect credentials then you will see this error code message. This reflects that QuickBooks is not accepting your login credentials and you are required to update the login information in QBO. But if in case you are facing any issues while updating, it could be because you are facing some errors such as QuickBooks error 12031. There are many reasons for this error to occur that you will read in the next section. 

Causes for QuickBooks Error Code 103

Many reasons could lead to the rise of QuickBooks Error 103. We have mentioned all the reasons below for you.

  • Missing cache files cookies from the browser.
  • Configuration issues.
  • Incomplete set up of Internet browser configuration.
  • Presence of bugs in the .msi file. if the pat to open the QuickBooks company file is corrupted then it will affect and cause many errors such as QuickBooks error 6177.
  • Denial of permission for the hardware.
  • You might have chosen the wrong institution from the list.
  • Entering incorrect credentials while login into the bank website.

Quick Fix to QuickBooks Error 103 While Banking Online 

Just like QuickBook Errors ‘15223, 179, 404’, this error is also temporary and can be fixed using the quick fixation steps mentioned in our productive post for you.

 Solution 1: Verify the Credentials Link

Quick Fix to QuickBooks Error 103

  • After encountering this error, your screen will flash an error message showing up with a link reading “Verify your credentials”.
  • You need to click on that link.
  • Then, a separate window of the Bank’s website will come up.
  • Fill in your correct login credentials and note them somewhere safe for further use.
  • After the login, log out from the bank’s website.
  • Open QBO and sign in using the same login credentials.
  • Click twice on the option of Update sign-in info.

Solution 2: Altering Sign-in Details

Turning on Third-Party Access

  • Choose the tab of Banking present in the left menu.
    Press tab on the icon of Pencil.
  • Tap on the tab Edit Sign-in info.
  • There is a hyperlink there which will take you to your bank’s website. Click on it.
  • Your screen will open a new window for the bank’s website. Make sure that you can access your accounts through this site as well as confirm that you can access your account details, a corrupt window registery can also lead to many errors one such error is quickbooks error 5227.

Solution 3: Link your Bank Account with QuickBooks Application

Link Bank Account

  • Select the option of Transactions followed by choosing the Banking tab.
  • Under this option, choose Add Account. 
  • Type the bank’s name in the search tab.
  • The search results will show a message reading ‘New Connection with a different Login’.
  • Enter your login details on the bank’s website.
  • The proceeding step is to link your bank account with QuickBooks. Click on Connect.
  • Hit OK after you have completed the steps.

Solution 4: Disable your Account

Disable Bank Account

If the above solutions did not fix your problem then adopt this method to fix the error. 

  • Go to the tab Transactions and choose Banking.
  • Decide which account you need to disable and click on it.
  • Press tab on the icon of Pencil and choose Edit Account info.
  • Conclude the steps by clicking on Save.

Solution 5: Turning on Third-Party Access

Turning on Third-Party Access

QBO sometimes needs the third-party application connection to be established on its website. Do remember that while using the third-party applications can lead to errors like QuickBooks error 6129, be aware of any such errors that might happen in your QuickBooks software. You can do it by:

  • Run the website ibx.key.com or key.com.
  • Sign-in by filling in your login details.
  • Tap on User Profile.
  • The concluding step is to sign in to the QBO account and refresh it.

Solution 6: Getting the Customer Support Assistance

Customer Support Assistance

If you were unable to fix the error even after following the above solutions then there’s a chance that something is wrong with the software or system. So, it would be in your favor to contact QuickBooks Customer Support. 

  • Tab on the icon of QuickBooks and launch it.
  • Reach out to the Help tab. You will find a few troubleshooting methods for banking errors.
  • Navigate to the tab Support.
  • Register your complaint and give your personal information like name, phone number, email address. QuickBooks support team will contact you regarding QuickBooks Error 103 as soon as possible and offer you the best guidance.

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Final Words

It’s time to conclude our informative article. We have introduced symptoms, causes, and all possible solutions to QuickBooks Error 103 for you. This banking error can be fixed and avoided just by going through this post. By now, we are sure that you will be able to fix this troublesome error on your own. You can follow these solutions manually without any problem and can use QuickBooks efficiently. We would like you to check out more worthy articles on our website. We are happy to assist you.

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