QuickBooks Error 6189 and 816: 6 Simple Methods To Fix [Updated]

Quickbooks is the ultimate package for maintaining accounting and book-keeping activities. In today’s life, the work-life of each human is much more robust and feverish and Quickbooks is that one that creates a touch easier for each businessperson or book-keeper or business owner, whoever is victimizing it. This single pack of accounting packages handles all the complicated work itself. It handles those works which will get wrong or take an excessive amount of time if an individual does it on his/her own. This package is currently the solution for every accounting-related question and completes each and each task in no time. Despisement of the useful package, generally it will increase your work too or could I say, stops you from operating. Yes! You detected it right. This package has some flaws that interfere together with your in-progress work and stop the workflow. All of those flaws square measure called QB Errors. These errors square measure meant to irritate the user with their presence. Quickbooks error 6189 and 816 is one of all those errors that hinder your work and irritate you for a touch.

If you’re facing this error in your system then browse this post rigorously and follow the answer as written below to resolve the error. QuickBooks Error 6189 and 816

This post could be a guide for all those Quickbooks users who are facing Quickbooks Error -6189 and -816 on their system. we have a tendency to cowl the careful introduction of this error also because of the factors that cause the error to occur. So, while not taking any further, let’s get to the purpose currently.

Definition of QuickBooks error -6189 and -816

Quickbooks error 6189 and 816 could be a company file error. Once a user tries to access the Quickbooks company, they go into multi-user mode by employing a Network device, the error happens. This error interrupts the workflow within the Quickbooks company file and blocks the user to access the QB company file.

Basically, the Quickbooks error -6189, -816 could be a runtime error. Once QB Users try to open the QB Company files a blunder message comes up within the light-weight and is displayed on the screen that states, An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file (-6189, -816).

 QuickBooks Error 6189 and 816

This kind of issue signifies that the error is sometimes connected with the multi-user network and has no reference to the data. This error is removable however to get rid of this error, it’s vital to browse the post until the end. This post accumulated all the doable solutions that erase this error in no time from your system which is easy for you to perform the task on your own.

In this post ahead, we have a tendency to discuss the factors that triggered the error to occur which can be more than one.

Factors that Triggered Quickbooks Error 6189 and 816

There are many factors that triggered the prevalence of Quickbooks error 6189 816.

  • The terribly initial reason can be the missing or broken Quickbooks elements.
  • When the user is using the QB company file on the Network PC through a program, the error arrives.
  • This error additionally emerges once users accidentally or erroneously delete the vital drivers of Quickbooks that are important to run Quickbooks.
  • If the software is infected with any reasonably malware or virus, the Quickbooks errors 6189 and 816 emerges.
  • One more issue of this error is once Quickbooks Windows Registry has some problems in QB written account price.
  • When the Quickbooks Hosting method has some hassle.
  • Damaged network knowledge supply file on the QuickBooks server or host system, even the company files will make an error such as QuickBooks error 179, keep an eye on any such errors.

Now that you simply have scanned all the higher than definitions and factors that occur the Quickbooks error 6189 816 in the Quickbooks Company file. You avail all the aspects of this error, it’s time to explore the answer to repairing this error. therefore let’s get ahead to the subject.

Solutions to resolve the Quickbooks Error code -6189 -816

The following written ways area unit the doable solutions to the Quickbooks error -6189 -816. Apply these solutions one by one on your system and check whether or not the error still persists or is gone.

Method 1- Restart the PC and therefore the Server

Meanwhile, the user has got to face a scenario once the complete system desires a reset or resuscitate to perform swimmingly. Follow these steps to work out the Quickbooks error 6198, 816.

  • The user is needed to restart the server pc initially.
  • After that, the user has got to resuscitate the digital computer.
  • And then, open the Quickbooks desktop on the server system
  • After restarting the QB desktop on the server system, the user is needed to open the QB desktop on every digital computer.

Note– it’s considerably vital to search out wherever the corporate file is hosted. If the user is creating use of the QuickBooks enterprise hosting instead of the server system, then you’ll consult knowledgeable to assist you to get into restarting.

Method 2- Run QuickBooks Tool Hub

Quickbooks tool hub could be a handy kit to resolve any reasonable error that happens in QuickBooks. To use this error, follow the lead given below.

Quickbooks Error 6189 and 816

Step1: Install the Quickbooks Tool Hub after Download
  • First, shut the Quickbooks accounting software package
  • Now, the User has got to transfer the Quickbooks Hub Tool from the official website of the compass.
  • After downloading the tool save the setup file on the system wherever the accessibility is simple.
  • Now the user must visit QuickBooksToolHub.exe and run the downloaded file for the installation.
  • Now a brand new window prompt on the screen, follow the on-screen directions to satisfy the demand of the installation method.
  • Click affirmative on the terms and Conditions page to conform to it
  • Now the users simply ought to look forward to the installation to finish, it’ll take an instant.
  • When the installation finishes, the user is needed to double-click on the icon to open it.
Step 2- Run the QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • The first issue the user has got to do is to double-click on the icon on the Windows Desktop to open the Quickbook Tool hub.

Quickbooks error -6189 and -816

  • Now navigate the mouse to the fourth tab specifically Program drawback.
  • In this tab, the user can see 3 choices
  • Quick Fix My Program
  • Quickbooks Program Diagnostic Tool
  • Quickbooks Print & PDF Repair Tool
  • From all the 3 choices, the user must select the primary option Quick fix My Program.
  • In this possibility, the user is needed to pick out the information file that desires a diagnosis, therefore follow the steps below:
  • The user simply ought to browse the information file from the browser
  • After that, click on the open button to access the Quick Fix My Program choice to diagnose the file.
Step 3- Run Quickbooks Data Server Manager
  • First, Open the Quickbooks tool hub by clicking on the icon.
  • Now on the QB Tool Hub Page, visit the Network Issue tab.
  • Here, the user has got to choose the Quickbooks Database Server Manager
  • When you click on this feature, you’ll see that it asked you to put in the QuickBooks software package on the server, if not already.

Quickbooks Error -6189 -816

  • After clicking thereon, the user must select the beginning Scan possibility, before selecting it, the user has got to browse the corporate file from the browser if it’s not already there.
  • After that, click on the scan possibility.
  • This scan method can verify the Quickbooks error 6189 and 816,
  • Once the scan method completed, the user will open the Quickbooks

Method 3- Modify the Location of the Company file to the Native/Local Drive

The user will simply perform this task however ought to keep some points before applying this technique to the error.

  • This answer is barely applicable if the previous answer doesn’t work or once the corporate file is held on a removable drive or online house.
  • You can simply transfer the company file data from one to a different system. it’s useful at the time of system crash, or at the time of upgrading the system.
  • The user may transfer the Quickbooks file on the server system’s drive. However, the .Net file hosting services accumulate the Dropbox, google drive, etc, which might create problems transferring files.
  • The user has got to make certain to avoid the removable drivers for storing transferable knowledge of company files. As a result, these drivers don’t seem to be designed in a way thanks to running Quickbooks or multi-user mode networks.
  • The user’s area unit suggested avoiding encrypting the Quickbooks files on the drive storing them because it will block the multi-user association.

Method: 4- Run Quickbooks Refresh Tool

The Quickbooks refresh Tool opted for refreshing all the methods within the system and additionally shut all the background programs that triggered the Quickbooks error code -6189, -816. Follow the steps to resolve the error

 Quickbooks error -6189, -816

  • You should initiate the procedure by downloading the QuickBooks refresh tool then install all the files from it. After that, the user is usually recommended to save lots of the files on the device to access them simply
  • After that, keep a check whether or not any different task is running on the QuickBooks desktop
  • Now, the user is usually recommended to envision and shut all the versions of QuickBooks running on the system
  • After that, the user must double-click on the QBRefresher.exe file to run the program
  • Also, the QBRefreshe Tool runs in thirty seconds, the user must follow the onscreen directions
  • The next step is once the installation is finished, the user can open the QuickBooks desktop
  • If the error still persists, because for some reason, the user will perform the following answer to redeem the error.

Method 5: Create a computer file and Restore it

  • The user is needed to make a copy of the Quickbooks company file on the recent system.
  • After done making Backup, the user must restore the file to the new system, follow the steps to finish the task:
  • You can restore the file with the assistance of a flash drive or the other external device
  • Or, the user will use the network, if the systems area unit connected

Method 6- Resolve the Quickbooks Error -6189, -1816 Manually

  • The user must draw the group action log file then rename it
  • And also, verify the user permission endowed to QBDataServiceUserXX for the QuickBooks application
  • After that ensure that the QuickBooks files don’t seem to be encrypted
  • The user must produce a reproduction of the QB file then paste it on the desktop
  • Lastly, if the file still can’t open then move to the folder wherever it absolutely was allotted earlier


Regarding all the above-written methods, hopefully, we helped you out to remove the concern issue Quickbooks error 6189 and 816. This post covered every important concern that you might have needed before removing this error from your system. 

As this error shows up on your system and interrupts all your ongoing work, thus you are suggested to remove it as soon as possible to get back to your work. You can apply methods from this post-written-above to erase your issue or you can simply contact Quickbooks customer support experts. These customer support experts will surely resolve your problem with their expert advice as they have good experience in resolving such QB errors. 

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