QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner: Features, Price and Usage

In any business, managing inventory is the most important thing (be it small or medium size) because this is the first thing that any person would focus on to turn the business into a profitable one. QuickBooks is accounting software that has been developed by Intuit to help business owners in managing their accounting and bookkeeping. In order to help company owners, much more software was developed by Intuit. This software was named QuickBooks Payroll and QuickBooks Point of Scale. The sales sector and inventories are aided by QB POS.

POS is equipped with multiple advanced features out of which one is known as POS Inventory Scanner which is used to find and record the stock in business in warehouses as well as stores.  This has covered most of the market because of having many latest features that help users a lot. 

QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner

QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner increases the productivity of any business. If you have questions like what are Quickbooks POS inventory scanners? How much does the QuickBooks POS cost to have it? What does QuickBooks pos scanner for inventory have to offer? then read this article till the end to get all answers as it will definitely help you to grow your company.

QuickBooks POS Scanner for Inventory: What Does it Do?

There are many features of inventory scanners for QuickBooks POS. We have discussed all features in detail below.

Delivery Dates are Set Precisely

QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner

QuickBooks POS Wireless Inventory Scanner helps in setting the date and time of the order. With the help of this feature, the actual delivery time and location of the stocks can be achieved. It also increases the Productivity of the Business.

Manages the Order Easily and Increases Efficiency

With the help of this software, users can easily manage the inventory that too otherwise. Users can get the exact location and item numbers of the inventory while tracking. This feature not only saves time but also increases the efficiency of the business. 

Features of QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner

QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner

This software is full of features and the latest tools that enable users to perform daily tasks like tracking and managing stocks. These features have not only increased the efficiency, flexibility but also the productivity of businesses. We have discussed few features below:


The interface of Inventory Scanner for QuickBooks POS is very easy to use. Any new user can easily use this software without any trouble.

QuickBooks POS Wireless Inventory Scanner

This feature is very portable and its compact nature has gained wide popularity.

Warehouse Management

This software allows users to track the location and stock of products in three steps-  row, rack, box and section, pallet and area. It also corrects data, inaccurate data, real-time information, errors. The scanner also transfers details of the inventory from one location to another location through which efficiency and productivity are increased.

Serial Number Tracking

Serial Number Tracking

This scanner helps in adding serial numbers to all the products. Errors and defaults can be identified to maintain the quality of the product.

The serial number tag enables users to track the product purchase, stocks, and other important details required in maintaining a business.

Inventory Forecasting

The main feature of an inventory scanner is to track the stock, count of stored products and location in order to maintain sales and purchase order. This helps ensure that there is no shortage of the products.

The inbuilt software can also calculate the products in order to place the desired products in stock with just one click. In order to avoid wastage of products, this software also ensures ordering the products in the right quantity.

Lot Number Tracking

This feature allows users to track the products of the same batch. If there is any fault found then it checks the lot only rather than checking all items to consume less time. With this feature, users can watch each and every item/product very closely.

Update Inventory in Real-Time

This feature allows users to manage the inventory. The inventory scanner helps in scanning the product details from warehouses and then updating the real-time details. This software also collects the counts of the product from many warehouses and updates all the details to an inventory dashboard to adjust the export and import counts.

Updates Vendor’s Information

quickbooks pos inventory scanner

This software enables users to update vendor’s details with the help of ‘Alternate Vendors Center’. In a central place, it collects the information of the vendor including name, phone number, address, prices, etc. The vendor’s information can easily be accessed with the help of this scanner.

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Customize Inventory Reports

This software helps users to customize the inventory reports to increase the flexibility and efficiency of the business. It provides the inventory stock by valuation summary, item, etc.

Set up and Installation of QuickBooks POS Wireless Inventory Scanner

quickbooks pos inventory scanner

  • There are two plug ends in the power wire, of which one end will go into the source of power and the second one will go into the cradle.
  • Attach the end of the USB cable with the Inventory Scanner cradle.
  • Insert the battery in the scanner and switch on the device after connecting with the cradle.
  • After you are done with the above princess, the installation process comes into play

Follow these steps to install the Software

  • Put in the point of scale CD in the system’s drive.
  • Then you will be prompted to launch wizard, if yes, then click on the option of Cancel.
  • In order to run the setup, select the option of Setup Wizard that is present under the File tab.
  • Now your screen will show a list of instructions, which of you have to attach the inventory scanner with the system.

Ways to use QuickBooks POS Scanner for Inventory

quickbooks pos inventory scanner

QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner scans the product without uploading the data. This scanner is simply customized and user-friendly. We have discussed how to use this scanner in the below points:

  • Enter the counts and scan the items/products.
  • After you finished the process of scanning, you need to upload the scanned data to QB POS.
  • Recheck the scanned details to make sure there are no errors.
  • Save the data in the window of Physical inventory.
  • Start updating the quantities including the counts.
  • After you have updated, clear the scans from the inventory scanner unit.

A user can also update entries manually in the inventory scanner. Follow the points mentioned below:

  • Turn on the Scanner.
  • Click on the button Esc many times until it takes you to the main menu. 
  • Select the option of Select Data.
  • Choose Scan and start filling the quantity.
  • Scan the barcode of the product (one unit, if the scanner makes a beep sound, it shows that the scan has been done successfully.)
  • Now a user has to enter the unit number using a keyboard or a keypad.
  • Hit Enter.
  • Repeat the process for scanning all the items.


We have tried our best to give all details about Physical Inventory Scanner QuickBooks POS. This scanner has covered the market and has become a favorite of numerous business institutions. We hope you found our content useful and worthy of you. By now, you might have got well versed with everything you need to know about this software. If yes, then do visit our website to read more such articles that are informative and worthy.

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