Simple Methods To Resolve Quickbooks Unexpected Error 5

QuickBooks undoubtedly is a miraculous financial software helping accountants and bookkeepers in managing the business efficiently. From managing taxes to easy online payments, this top-notch software is still surprising users with its improved latest features and tools. But everything in this world has pros and cons so does QuickBooks.

Despite having great tools, it is not free from errors. QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5 and QuickBooks Event id 4 Unexpected Error 5 are such errors that can obstruct you from using this software properly. There are also many errors that can occur as soon as you open up the software, one such error is quickbooks runtime error. The first error makes your screen flashes a message reading – Got unexpected error 5 in call to netsharegetinfo for path QuickBooks. The second error occurs when Windows 7.Net framework 4.0 doesn’t function. This is irritating to bear as your crucial work gets stopped in between and you just sit in confusion. You might get questions like: what is this error? Why does this error occur and how to get rid of it?

If you are also looking for ways to fix a QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5? Our article offers the most reliable methods to identify and repair this error quickly.

QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5: Causes

uickBooks Unexpected Error 5

  • Interference between the business file and the workstation.
  • Unstable internet connection.
  • Damaged or Corrupt company data file.
  • Access to the company file is restricted.
  • An old version of QuickBooks desktop software. 
  • Improper shutdown of the computer.
  • The presence of viruses in the system can also cause QuickBooks event id 4 unexpected error 5. This can also lead to errors like QuickBooks error 1723.
  • Invalid entries filled in Windows registry, corrupt windows registry also leads to QuickBooks error 80029c4a, you should always keep an eye on such errors and make sure that the error doesn’t happen.
  • System files have been removed accidentally.
  • Improper installation of QuickBooks financial software. This can lead to many different errors that can cause you many issues related to QuickBooks, one such error is QuickBooks event id 4.

Messages your Screen Flashes after QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5 Occurs

uickBooks Unexpected Error 5

  • QuickBooks got unexpected error 5 in a call to netsharegetinfo for the path.
  • Got an unexpected error 5 in a call to netsharegetinfo for path QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks event id 4 unexpected error 5.
  • QuickBooks got unexpected error 5 in a call to netsharegetinfo.

Now that we have understood the reasons and what messages this error reflects on your screen, let’s fix this error with the steps provided ahead.

Methods to Fix QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5

There is no error in any software that cannot be fixed with troubleshooting methods. Attempt these solutions in order to ensure you get correct results. Have a look.

Solution 1: Scanning your System

Scanning your System

This is the beginning solution because it’s the easiest one to perform. This step can identify and scan viruses on your computer fixing various errors. Look at the steps:

  • Perform a full system scan with any software you have installed. 
  • Make sure to save the files on the local desktop.
  • After the scanning process is finished, tap on the option repair to resolve the error. 

Now you can jump to the advanced solution provided in the next part.

Solution 2: Disable UAC (User Account Control)

Disable UAC (User Account Control)

  • In windows, open the Control Panel.
  • Look for the User Account and select it.
  • Now tap on Change User Account Control Settings. Hit on Yes. 
  • Click on Never Notify. 
  • Select OK.
  • Restart your Windows.

Now check if the QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5 is fixed, if yes, then turn on the UAC. 

Solution 3: Deleting and Recreating the User File

Steps for Deleting the User File

  • Open the Quickbooks Desktop.
  • Choose the option User and Roles.
  • Select the option User.
  • Tap on the Delete option.

Steps for Recreating the User File

  • Now again reach out to the option of User and Roles and click on New.
  • Choose a username and password. Press OK.
  • Set up a role for the User. 
  • Hit OK.

Solution 4: Using File QuickBooks File Doctor 

QuickBooks file doctor

QuickBooks file doctor tool can fix many QB errors and the good thing is you do not have to download this separately. Ways to use this repairing tool are:

  • Download the QuickBooks file doctor tool or QuickBooks Tool Hub from Intuit’s original website. 
  • The tool will open automatically after installing. You can the Start option open it from there as well.
  • Look for the Company file.
  • Choose the option of Check file damage and tap on the Diagnose file tab.
  • Fill in the Admin password if prompted.
  • Now, the tool will begin the repairing process to fix the error.
  • This fixing process will take a few minutes. After the process gets concluded, see if the QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5 is resolved or not.

Solution 5: Downloading Reimage Repair Tool

Reimage Repair Tool

If the above methods did not work according to you then we have more solutions for you. You can use the Reimage repair tool. Here is how to use it:

  •  Download the Reimage repair tool.
  • Save it on the desktop.
  • Right-click on the link to the Reimage Repair Tool.  Click on the option of Save.
  • Go to the location of the File. Click Yes if prompted.
  • To start the scan, tap on Install, and the Reimage Repair Tool will begin scanning.
  • Then tap on Start repair after the scanning process is finished. 
  • The concluding step is to restart your computer and see if the QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5 gets fixed or not.

Solution 6: Give Permission to File Share Access

Give Permission to File Share Access to Fix QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5

By giving permission to access files the error can be fixed. The steps are to be followed:

  • Open the file explorer and right-click on the folder containing the company files.
  • Now open Properties and reach out to the option of Sharing.
  • Choose Full or Partial Sharing according to the needs of your business.
  • Tap on Apply and Hit OK.

Additional Solutions

To help you out, we have provided additional solutions to fix Quickbooks error 5. 

  • Reinstall Quickbooks application.
  • Regularly check for the presence of viruses in the PC.
  • Update your windows to the newest version available. 
  • If some software-related files have been removed accidentally, download them.
  • Never shut down your computer instantaneously.
  • Contact Customer Customer Support in case of complex errors. 
  • Install QuickBooks from an authentic website only.

Final Words

After explaining all aspects associated with QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5, we finally end our informative post here. After reading our productive post, you will easily fix and avoid this error in the future. These solutions are simple to attempt and any user can fix the issue by following the above-mentioned methods in order. However, on the off chance, you are still struggling with the error then you can always get in touch with QuickBooks Customer Support for further guidance. The certified experts sitting there are skilled enough to resolve your issues quickly. 

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