QuickBooks vs Quicken Review 2021 : Which one is Better?

The era of technology is full of technical aspects that manage your daily chores on their own without much human effort. If we take the help of technology to ease our daily life then why not in managing a business. Yes! Business can be also managed by the latest technology introduced by some software development companies from all around the world to start a new revolution in the business world.

Quickbooks vs quicken

As we all know, accounts and book-keeping are the most important of any business that has to be managed on a daily basis to get error-free results. But if the whole task of accounting and book-keeping is done by humans all alone without any help from any management equipment then it may take hours to complete and also there’s also a chance of human error in the result. To avoid these types of errors you have to acquire some accounting software to manage your day-by-day accounting activity in no time and without any hassle. There are many people who are using some accounting software but always confuse between two Quickbooks and Quicken. 

If you are one who has been thinking about this topic for a long time but did not get an answer yet, then this post is for you. In this post, we cover the topic QuickBooks vs Quicken where we compare all of their features along with their pricing and their usage. Comparison only works when you have basic information about both software which means we have to know what Quickbooks and Quicken are, first and then headed towards the comparison section. So, without wasting much time let’s get started and explore the basic definition of both software.

Comparison between Quickbooks and Quicken?

Both software is developed to manage the accounting and book-keeping activity of small and mid-sized companies all around the world. But being similar at the first stage it has some different definitions along with different features. Let’s explore it

Quickbooks Accounting Software: Definition

Quickbooks vs quicken

Quickbooks is the most renowned and versatile accounting software pack developed and marketed by Intuit, an American software company. This software is specially designed to maintain the accounting and book-keeping activity of small and medium-sized companies in a proper way without much hassle and without taking too much time. Through QuickBooks, any QB user can manage their accounting book from anywhere and anytime because of its cloud-based software. This software single-handed manages all the income and expenses and also tracks the financial health of the business. Additionally, Quickbooks allows the user to manage and pay the bill along with the customized receipt, accept business payment, function payroll, track business growth, and also set reminders for further payment.

There are plenty of features that Quickbooks users use while maintaining the accounting and book-keeping section.

Quicken Home and Business: Definition 

Quickbooks vs quicken

Quicken is a personal accounting software system, solely designed to manage your cash on a cloud accounting software system. With Quicken, users are allowed to trace financial gain, expenses, and money flow and additionally manage all their property-related finance like rental land or building, handling taxes, making custom invoices, and pursuit investment.

Quicken makes it simple to arrange and contour the accounting task in one place still as money tasks. you’ll manage your cash tab whether or not you’re mistreated online, desktop, or mobile, Quicken is a mobile-friendly software system. one click on your smartphone permits you to visualize your entire finance tab together with expenses and incomes. This tool is efficient still as a decent handy for your personal matters.

Comparing Features [Quickbooks vs. Quicken]

After exploring the basics of Quickbooks vs. Quicken it’s time to move ahead to know the features of both Quickbooks and Quicken. Both the accounting software is developed to maintain books of accounts but have different abilities according to their different features. So in this section, we are going to compare Quicken vs Quickbooks in terms of both software’s features.

quicken vs Quickbooks for small business

QuickBooks Features  

As the above paragraph already mentioned that Quickbooks works on cloud-based software that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime with an internet connection but there is one more thing that is not mentioned above that this software is also web and mobile responsive. So that users can access the data via a phone or on a web server also. Other than that there are other features that make Quickbooks more user-friendly. 

  • Track the financial gain and expenses of the business from multiple accounts.
  • Accept on-line Payments.
  • Send reminders to shoppers for payments.
  • Track the Mileage of the business and daily transactions.
  • Automatically type transactions into tax classes.
  • Acquire the payment receipt and organize it
  • Customize invoices and send them.
  • Create customize report
  • Run profit and loss statements, balance sheets etcetera, and export these reports.
  • Send Estimates with customization.
  • Track money flows and news through Dashboard.
  • Calculate excise and conjointly track sales.
  • Manages 1099 contractors single-handed.
  • Connects the user with their Business checking account
  • Print Cheques.
  • Allow account access to a business comptroller.
  • Co-opt with alternative Quickbooks and third-party tools.
  • Download Quickbooks Mobile App
  • Customer Support for users via telephone or chat

All these features are not the only feature, Quickbooks has some more features that added in the above-mentioned points as per their subscription plans that are covered in this Quicken home and business vs Quickbooks later.

Quicken Feature

Quicken Home & Business software system will be downloaded and put in on your pc and is supposed to be developed to keep up personal finance. The latest version of Quicken permits the users to access it on the net and mobile too. The user simply has got to prefer these options to set your information across locations. This accounting software system is simply compatible with the Windows package. These square measure a number of the Quicken options

  • Profit & loss statement and income reports
  • Separate section for rental, business, and rental property dealings flatly.
  • Allow users to form and customize invoices
  • Allow to email rental and business report from Quicken
  • A separate tool to maximize business deduction and build tax-related reports.
  • Create and send custom rent reminders to purchasers with PayPal links.
  • Single bill dashboard with reminders
  • A tool to trace income, lease terms, rental rates, and deposits.
  • Customer network via phone or chat.

Above mentioned pointers clearly indicate that their square measures additional separate tools for people who own rental properties. There square measure enough tools to manage your business or meet your business wants if you’re employed as a sole man of affairs, a contractor, or a freelancer.

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Comparing Subscription Plans [Quicken vs. QuickBooks For Small Business]quicken vs quickbooks

Comparing Quickbooks and Quicken in terms of monetary plans is too crucial for users. Finding the best suitable software for your business that fits your budget too is ideal. Both the software has different perks and benefits that come with the plan. That all depends on what plan you choose for your business and what your budget is. 

However, both software Quickbooks and Quicken have four different plans for their users to explore and choose from. Every higher plan adds some new features to your software and eases your workflow better than before.

Quickbooks Subscription Plan

Quickbooks online provide their user four plans to decide on from, and every one of them is supported on a monthly subscription basis. It all depends on what setup you select and therewith set up, what feature you’ll get on with? All of the subscription plans are discriminated against below with their final options. to boot, Quickbooks offers its user a thirty days trial for gratis before finance during a subscription.

1: Simple Start- $25 per month

This setup supports final invoicing and estimating, expenses following, contact management, restricted news options, and mobile app support which might be employed by only 1 user.

2: Plus Plan- $70 per Month

The ad setup offers multi-user access to its users worldwide that supports 5 users. It’s all the options of an easy begin subscription however to boot with them and set up a subscription the user is accessible for time-tracking, project profit following inventory and bill management, and a project hub that permits the user to tie specific labor value, payroll knowledge, and expenses to the happiness project.

3:  Plan- $150 per month

The Advance set up additionally supports multi-user access just like them and set up however with most of 25 users at a time. With all the and setup options it’s some additional options like; priority client support, on-line coaching courses, batch commerce talents, advanced news, and role-based user permissions for higher security.

4: Self-used Plan- $15 per month

The freelance setup has some distinctive options than the other setup. While setting this up, the user can get quarterly tax management that’s an ideal fit for any Freelancer. What is more, the users can get associate estimates following features in conjunction with 1099 contractors management and sales/sales tax tracking.

These are the core subscription plans for the users however has additionally some Quickbooks payroll offered in 3 plans in conjunction with add-ons:

Payroll Core– $45 per month + $4 per worker per month

Payroll Premium- $75 per month + $8 per worker per month

Payroll Elite– $125 per month + $10 per worker per month.

Quicken Subscription Plan

Quicken Home & business additionally has four subscription plans that their user will avail as per their business wants. The subscription plans by Quicken are offered within the yearly type. A yearly subscription might look a small amount high-priced for the user however there’s an additional catch that Quicken offers a thirty days money-back guarantee for his or her accounting answer.

quicken home and business vs QuickBooks

1: Starter Plan- $34.99 per annum

The starter plan of Quicken for a year is to permit its users to trace the expenses, bills, and budgets at the side of the options to reasonable expenses. This arrangement permits users to examine bank accounts furthermore as credit cards. The user is ready to export information to stand out at the side of phone support.

2: Deluxe Plan- $44.99 per annum

The Deluxe plan includes all the options of the starter plan for a year with customizing budget options. The additional feature is tracking and saving goals for debts, loans, investment, and retirement accounts. This plan is the most well-liked plan among all the others as it provides an essential feature for the long-term business plans with not a lot of higher price as compared to the starter plan.

3: Premier Plan- $67.49 per annum

The premier plan comes up with all the Deluxe plan options with some new options like; free online bill payments, priority customers support, and far a lot of together with a number of tools to additional contour tax designing. These embody higher portfolio analysis, comparison to plugging average returns, schedule D tax creation, and fast Pay digital bill payments.

4: Home & Business Plan- $89.99 per annum

Before explaining this arrangement and therefore the feature comes up with it, it’s necessary to grasp that this arrangement is simply accessible in WIndow OS not for raincoat users rather like the opposite 3 plans that are offered for Windows and raincoat each.

Now let’s get to the last Subscription for Quicken, this Home & Business plan comes up with all the options of the Premier plan. However, it’s an exceptional option that no alternative plans have that it’s a block of business & property management tools. This tool categorizes personal expenses from business expenses, profit & loss statements, income reports, schedule C and E report creation, custom email invoices, and estimates and management for lease terms, rental rates, margin, rents, and rental documents.

Comparing Mobile Responsiveness [Quicken vs Quickbooks] quicken home and business vs quickbooks

When comparing Quickbooks and Quicken in terms of mobile compatibility it could be a little tough because both the software allow their users to access their accounting data on Mobile. Not only Android but iOS users can also have a Mobile Application from their respective downloading stores. Nowadays, when everybody wants everything on their phone, creating a mobile app for their users is an ideal move from both the software companies.

Quicken Mobile App Support

With the assistance of the Quicken Mobile App, the user will perform some helpful tasks like read their checking account group action. The sole catch during this Quicken Mobile app is that whenever the user enters any group action on the mobile app device, it’ll mechanically be synced to the personal computer. a number of the tasks the user will perform with a mobile app device square measure written below.

  • View checking account balance and group action
  • Input account group action and fasten receipts.
  • View the budget you created with the desktop program.

Quicken Mobile app permits the user to perform a number of these tasks however sadly, the user’s square measure is underprivileged to make client invoices or enter the unpaid bills.

QuickBooks Mobile App Support

QuickBooks mobile App is simply worked as you worked on the desktop. Users simply ought to log in to the App and here you go, currently, you’ve got all the access to your QuickBooks Account and may perform any tasks associated with your business on the portable.

The following task a user will perform on the Quicken Mobile App:

  • Add new customers and vendors.
  • Create custom-made invoices.
  • The smartphone GPS can assist you to trace the auto mileage.
  • Take photos of the receipt with the smartphone and fasten it to the group action.
  • Enlist the seller bills. 

Comparing User Benefits [Quicken Home And Business vs Quickbooks] 

All the above comparison is futile if there is no user benefit. Both the software avail their users of different kinds of benefits that we disclosed in this Quicken home and business vs Quickbooks post.

Benefits of QuickBooks on-line

Quickbooks Accounting package is a lot stronger than the other accounting packages and stands get into much wider ways.

  1. The user will access their Quickbooks account anytime from anyplace as long as the user has an online affiliation.
  2. QuickBooks on-line is intended little|for little|for tiny} business enterprises and its tools square measure terribly specific to small businesses that change and contour their money processes.
  3. Quickbooks online is one of the foremost feature-rich packages within the market.
  4. Quickbooks offers a thirty days trial for his or her users, with this supply the user will take an attempt for thirty days to envision whether the setup matches their business desires or not.
  5. The start set up of Quickbooks package is much a lot of enough for the user to stay track of their business and record their regular book-keeping, invoicing, reporting, and charge.
  6. As their subscription setup relies on the monthly payment, a user will modification or upgrade their business set up anytime.
  7. Quickbooks offers you a business-centric interface that grants its users simple access to all or any business money data.
  8. QuickBooks interface is way a lot approachable and easy as a result of it’s designed for little business enterprises.
  9. Quickbooks is additionally accessible on smartphones and tablets as an application.

Benefits of Quicken Home & Business

When it involves the advantages from Quicken, it stands with some factors against QuickBooks.

  1. If the user is victimizing the package to manage personal and business expenses, Quicken is that the best option you ever want. It provides one or two of a business tool like personal finance, handles investment account, and far a lot of
  2. Tracking your business and private finance all at once could cause confusion in Book-Keeping, taxes, and even legal issues, thus keeping the Quicken package to manage your account is admirable as a result of it providing separate following methods for each business and private expenses.
  3. If you retain your personal and business expenses in one system, Quicken continually distinct your checking account or credit cards for each expense individually.
  4. The rating of Quicken is helpful compared with Quickbooks. It’s cheaper than Quickbooks, whether or not it avails all their plans within the yearly subscription.

Comparison of Customer Review [Quicken vs Quickbooks For Small Business]quicken home and business vs quickbooks

Customer Reviews are the most beneficial aspects of any comparison or review post that tell the reader about the opinion of both the software users. These customer reviews help new users to come to a conclusion on what to acquire and what not.  So let’s explore these phases right away. 

Quickbooks client Review


Customers even have high-praise for Quickbooks online than the Quicken home & business accounting code. On the positive aspect Quickbooks, a mobile app attracts more customers and good reviews from them. They love the thought wherever they’ll perform any task or track their business growth to travel on their tip with a mobile application and everything is synced mechanically across all platforms since the information is kept for good within the cloud. On the other hand, QuickBooks on-line gets praise for several options with normal affordability that facilitate customers to change their most advanced accounting tasks comfortably. Quickbooks conjointly amalgamates with third-party tools apps that contour the processes and make it in order that business homeowners don’t need to report tasks.


In terms, a negative review is caused by its rating or subscription plans. many shoppers review the rating arrange far more big-ticket and since of that, the code is also inaccessible, particularly for each new business. Besides, QuickBooks’s range of operating will gift a learning curve to new business homeowners.

Quicken client Review


Quicken is additionally rated and supports some major qualities that it’s. Recently many shoppers report that they’re very happy with the service that Quicken has served which is much additional vital for those business homeowners. The United Nations agency simply started their work, or a little entity cluster or simply a freelancer or for people who work alone. Quicken includes a quality that’s completely different from Quickbooks, it’s a separate section for Home and Business expenses and track records and conjointly distinguishes between each bank and credit card.

Quicken has received another purpose for its affordable subscription arrangement that varies from Quickbooks and also the simplicity it’s to form and print reports.


On the negative aspect, customers typically complain regarding the combination of Quicken to third-party Apps. whenever the users attempt to connect with third-party apps the fault seems and interrupts the work. client support is usually failing to conclude the fault and its sources.


After reading the comparison between both the software Quickbooks and Quicken, it is clear that Quickbooks is solely designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, and on the other hand, Quicken is more likely into managing personal finances. 

So, if you are looking for software to manage accounting and book-keeping tasks for small and mid-sized companies then you should go for Quickbooks Accounting Software for your business.  As it is specially designed for small and mid-sized enterprises so it will be ideal for your business type. 

If you are looking for software that can maintain personal and business expenses separately then you should go for a Quicken Home and Business Software. This software has the ability to support professionals with a side business or rental properties in terms of managing their accounting sections.


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