Download and Install QuickBooks : Step-By-Step Guide

In this busy world, we all need things available on the tip of our fingers. We need technology to save our precious time because time is money. If we talk about managing a business, then it is obvious that everyone wants to maintain their work smoothly and with comfort. It is difficult to manage taxes, employees, customers, items, products, etc, in business with the help of only accountants because there is a chance of few errors taking place. To avoid this, you can download QuickBooks to get the best facilities in accounting and maintaining the financial sides of the business.

Developed by Intuit, this software was designed so that anyone with the least accounting experience can also supervise their business accounts. This astonishing software comes up with the latest features and tools that are ideal for small and medium-size business owners. 

For your business, it is crucial to download QuickBooks on your PC/laptop or tablet to stay in the competition with other companies. No matter, if you have a new startup or have an established business, controlling your finances is an important requirement. In this informative blog, we have explained in detail the method to download QuickBooks desktop and QBO and other aspects related to it. But before that let’s understand what are the features of QuickBooks software.

Features of QuickBooks 

Features of QuickBooks 

You must download QuickBooks because it offers a wide range of advanced features that keep this software ahead of its rivals. These features help you maintain your finances on your own with fewer errors. 

  • Create and Track professional Invoices
  • Get invoices paid on time.
  • Keep Track of Bills & Expenses
  • Multi monitor support
  • Profit & Loss Report
  • Balance Sheet Report
  • Statement of Cash Flows to stay in control.
  • Track Employee Hours.
  • Run Payroll
  • Track Inventory
  • Simplify Taxes
  • Accept Online Payments
  • Scan Receipts
  • You can access your data from anywhere.

We have discussed features in order to tell you the importance of this financial software in your business. 

QuickBooks Options (Types)

types of quickbooks

Qb comes in a desktop program and an online program which is cloud-based. Each option has different features to offer. You can choose any product of QB according to the need of your business. 

  • Quickbooks Self Employed
  • Quickbooks Online 
  • Quickbooks Enterprise
  • Quickbooks for MAC
  • Quickbooks Pro
  • Quickbooks Desktop Product
  • Quickbooks Premier
  • Quickbooks Application

Quick Guide to Download QuickBooks Software on your Computer

We have explained the downloading steps in the easiest language possible, make sure to read till the end.

  • Visit Intuit’s original site.
  • Sign in there with your E-mail details and fill in other details.
  • Buy the subscription according to the need of your business.
  • After that,  to move ahead to follow App>> QBDT>>Products on the site of Intuit. You will get three options:
  1. Select Country- Choose from United States (USA), Canada (CA), and the United Kingdom. Pick the country to Download QuickBooks
  2. The second option is Select Products. 
  3. Select Version- Choose the latest version.
  • Now click on the option of search, a new page will come up, where you have to click on the option of  QuickBooks Desktop Download
  • Click on Yes to All option.
  • Hit Next. 
  • Read the Agree to License Agreement and click on Next.

e software license agreement

  • Fill in the License & Product number. Press Next. 

License & Product number.

  • Decide the installation type: 
  • Choice 1: Express: This option will give the installer the power to make choice for you. If you are a new QB user or using the software on one system only then you can opt for this option.
  • Choice 2: Custom & Network: Go for this option if you use multiple QB versions or you share QB data with other users.
  • Select the Express option and click on Next.

Installation type

  • Select the tab Install. 
  • Open the QuickBooks.
  • Activate the QB  and you are good to go.
Here is how to Activate QuickBooks
  • Open QB and Press F2.
  • Open the window of Product Information and confirm the status of registration and license number.
  • If your status is reflecting Activated then you can easily use QB.
  • If your status is reflecting Not Activated then select OK to close the window of Product Information.
  • Reach out to the option of Help and select Activate QuickBooks. 

If you pick up the option of Custom and Network:

  • Click on the tab Custom and Network Option. Press Next.

Custom and Network

  • Select that option only that suits your preferences.


  • Click on the option of Change the install location.

Change the Install Location

  • Save the QB folder on the system using the option of Browse.
  • Tap on the option of Install.
  • After it is done, press the tab on the option of Open Quickbooks.

Open QB

  • These steps will install Quickbooks on your computer. Now, just activate it.

Congratulations! You are all set to use QuickBooks now. 

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Frequently asked Questions

Can I Merge Multiple QB Company Files from Multiple Versions of QB?

No, it is impossible to combine or merge the QB company files. 

What should I choose between Express or Custom QB Installation?

If you are a beginner, then it is better to use the Express installation type. If you already use QB financial software then you can opt for custom installation to ensure that the previous  QB file(s) doesn’t get lost or damaged.

Why did the QB not open Automatically after Downloading?

If that is the case, then reach out to the hard drive and find the  QB file to open it manually.

What is the Process for QuickBooks Pro 2019 Download?

QuickBooks Pro 2019 Download’s process is the same as above mentioned. 

Final Words

See the process of QuickBooks download was not super tricky or extra tough at all. All you have to do is to follow the steps in order to successfully download QuickBooks and use it to increase the productivity of your business. We hope that you were able to download QuickBooks easily with the help of our informative post. 

Though our post is sufficient enough to provide all details to download QuickBooks for new users, this process might appear as a problem because of less experience. In this case,  you can dial the number of QuickBooks Customer Support that is available online.  They are available 24×7 to help you get rid of QuickBooks issues. 

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