Download and Usage of QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tools

QuickBooks is a widely used software by business owners for easy management of finance, accounts, bookkeeping, fast-tracking of taxes, emails, company files and data, online payments and so many other works. No doubt this software never fails to impress people with its advanced features, compatibility, ability to save time, and productivity. Being software, error and technical glitches are also expected from QBs that can lead to disappointment in users as their important work gets stopped in between. There are many tools and applications in the software itself that can fix many errors on their own. One such tool is ‘Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tools’ which helps users to correct countless errors that stop users from using QB properly.

Let’s not just directly jump into the section where we will be explaining the ways to use this tool as it is important to know what actually Quickbooks Diagnostic Connection Tool is? Read this post till the end to explore more about this miraculous tool.

What is QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tools?

Developed by Intuit, this tool was specially created for repairing bugs and errors. Any user can easily get this tool for free as Intuit does not charge a single penny for QB Connection Diagnostic Tool. Many errors can be resolved by using these wonder repairing tools like  H-series and 6000-series errors and many other errors that users encounter while opening a company file in QB. It also fixes multi-user and networking errors that occur while accessing the company file. 

Download QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool: System Requirements 

Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tools download

If you are planning to install this repairing tool, then there are some system requirements that a user should look upon. 

  • The software will work on a system having Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows XP and Windows Vista. 
  • It supports Quickbooks 2008 version, Quickbooks enterprise Solution 8.0 or later. 
  • The system you are using must have C++ framework structure and intact Microsoft components.

Errors that can Be fixed by QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tools

If you are facing any of the issues mentioned below, then it is recommended to use this repairing tool.

  • You are not able to access the QuickBooks database.
  • Improper installation of Windows Firewall
  • Blank/Missing names of Vendors and Customers in the list in the QB software.
  • Missing/blank entries in the Employees Lists.
  • Existence of Corrupt and Damaged files in the system.
  • The mouse and Keyboard do not function properly.
  • Window halts/freezes.
  • Missing QB files because of a virus.
  • Error messages are coming on the screen.

When this Diagnostic Tool should be Used?

Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tools download

Below mentioned are few issues after which this repair tool should be used:

  • When Firewall is not working because it is compatible with the latest version of QuickBooks.
  • To fix damaged files.
  • To fill the vacant vendor and customer list.
  • To update the employee’s list entries.
  • To give access to the QB database and fix the errors that show up in the QB Database Server manager.
  • Diagnosing errors in Multi-user mode.
  • When your system is under the attack of a virus.

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool Download and Install

You must have a stable internet connection in order to follow the steps. We have provided the easiest steps to download and install this tool on your system in order to fix bugs and errors:

  • Uninstall the older version of QuickBooks and install the latest version of the software. 
  • Visit Intuit’s official website and search for QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool 2018 Download.

Search The File

  • Download the tool and save it to a location of your choice.
  • Go to the location and double-click on your file.
  • An installation window will come on your screen.
  • Follow the instructions coming on your screen then agree to all terms and conditions.

Download quickbooks connection diagnostic tool

  • Select Finish in order to complete the process of installation.
  • Now, search for the file and save it in a C drive.

Download quickbooks connection diagnostic tool

  • If you are unable to access the tool then double click on the Desktop icon QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.

How to Use this Tool in QBs?

After successfully downloading and installing the tool, double on the tool and follow the steps we have given below:

  • When the installation is complete, QuickBooks Tool will be opened automatically.
  • Go to the File and select the option of Utilities.


  • Go to the option of Repair File.
  • Choose the Network Problem.
  • Go to the location where your company file with error is stored.


  • If you are using the system as a single user then there is no requirement of network connectivity option.
  • Select the option of Show Advanced Settings Option and you will see a box on your screen.
  • Login with Admin Password and Hit OK.

Login with Admin Password

  • Choose the option of either Host System or Workstation.
  • Select the Diagnostic Tool to perform the scan. 
  • The tool will recognize the error and start fixing it.
  • The error will be fixed and users will be able to open their company files and continue their work.

How to Use Tabs of QB Connection Diagnostic Tool? 

Let’s move to the section of how the tabs inside the tool should be used. Just double click on the tol first to run the device and then follow the steps provided below. 

Diagnose Connection Tab

Diagnose Connection Tab

This tab enables a user to test the computer set up to make sure that the company files are accessible from a system o\or whether the system is in single-user or multi-user mode. Make sure to set all permissions correctly otherwise errors will pop up.

Firewall Status

Firewall Status Tab

This tab reflects the basic information about the Firewall. You can always alter and change the settings of the firewall according to the demand of your system.

Test Connectivity

 quickbooks connection diagnostic tool test connectivity

It enables a user to test the connectivity of the workstation.

How to Check the Connectivity in your Computer?
  • Press the button next to your Company File. 
  • Choose the Test Connectivity option. 
  • After the process is finished, you will see either green or red color. The green color is shown when the error is fixed and the red is shown if the error still persists.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1 What are some advantages of using QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool?

If used wisely, this repair tool can be a savior for QB users. There are many benefits of the QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool download that you must not miss out on. We have enlisted few benefits here below:

  • Many errors that haunt QB users while installing QB software can be repaired by using this repairing tool.
  • It consumes less time as compared to any other software that is very slow and costly.
  • It is free, any user can download this tool from Intuit’s website.
  • With this tool, fewer efforts are to be put while resolving errors. 

Q2 What are the Components used by QB connection Diagnostic Tools to Fix Errors?

This tool is created to automatically recognize and fix the errors with the below-mentioned components:

  • Microsoft .Net Framework
  • C++

Diagnostic Tool can fix issues that are related to Microsoft .Net Framework, MSXML and C++.

You need to update your windows in order to install the missing updates of Microsoft .Net Framework, MSXML and C++. Another solution is to perform a QB installation in Selective start-up mode.

Q3 What type of errors are Fixed by QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool?

This repairing tool is designed to fix errors that take place during QB Installation. This tool identifies and fixes the issues, and it can also fix errors in C++, NET Framework and MSXML.

Q4 Is Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool 2018 Download Costly or Free?

Well, this is the most aside question by QB users. Developed by Intuit, this tool is completely free for users all around the world. Any user can go to Intuit’s official website and download this tool anytime for free of cost. 

Final Words

By now, you might be well versed with the use of this repairing tool effectively. We have tried our best to provide the most reliable information in one single post to clear your all doubts about this tool in the easiest way. After reading this post, you can easily use this repairing tool without any problem and fix errors on your own. If you are content with the information listed here then do visit our website for more such articles. We assure you that you will like those interesting articles as well.

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