How To Fix Error 102 Quickbooks? – Simple Troubleshooting Methods

QuickBooks is considered a top-notch financial software to handle the accounting and bookkeeping part of business smoothly. Trusted by professionals the interface of this incredible software is super easy to understand and the number one choice of many entrepreneurs. Developed by Intuit, QBs has emerged as one of the best financial software in the market helping business owners of small and medium-sized businesses. This has completely evolved the way accounting and bookkeeping are performed.

But still, QB has some errors that can affect the business operations of users creating an obstruction in completing the tasks. Quickbooks Online Error 102 is one such error that takes place when there is an issue in the bank’s server. There are many more reasons for this error to take place which we will be discussing later. 

After getting this banking error you get questions on your mind like: What does error 102 mean in QuickBooks online? How to fix Quickbooks Online Error 102 quickly? Well, take a breath because we’ve included everything in one single post to help you understand all aspects related to the error.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Online Error 102

QuickBooks Online Error 102

When you get QuickBooks error code 102, you experience several symptoms. We have listed all the symptoms of this error below to help you recognize this error easily.

  • Facing program lock-ups.
  • The performance of the computer gets slow.
  • The system starts crashing frequently.
  • The desktop screen gets bluish in color.
  • An instant shutdown of the computer can happen.
  • Instant startup of the QB software.
  • Errors related to installation can also arise.

Reasons for QuickBooks Error 102

QuickBooks Error 102

This error can not just generate out of the blue. There are few reasons that give birth to QuickBooks error 102. Read the reasons below:

  • Browser related problem is one of the major causes of error code 102 QuickBooks.
  • Bank Related problem. Maybe the bank’s website is under maintenance causing this error to pop up. 
  • Issues with Wireless network with Operating System.
  • There is damaged network equipment.
  • Interruptions in the website of the bank due to technical glitches and server issues. 
  • Getting error code 102 QuickBooks messages on the screen.

We have understood, symptoms and causes of QuickBooks online error 102, let’s move on to the section explaining solutions to fix this troublesome error so that you can resume your crucial work.

Steps to Fix Quickbooks Online Error 102

Although QuickBooks is an incredible software available in the market but Quickbooks Online Error 102 can stop you from continuing your task leading to frustration. But don’t worry, we have come up with the most advanced solutions to fix this error and avoid it further. Have a look.

Solution 1: Manually Updating your Bank Connection 

Manually Updating your Bank Connection

Sometimes updating your accounts manually fix the error code 102 QuickBooks. 

  • Pick up the option of “Banking” from the Menu tab.
  • Tap on “Clear Unwanted Accounts” and select accounts.
  • Press tab on “Update now.”
  • Fill Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) details when prompted. 
  • Hit on “Continue” to update the information.

This step will keep you safe for 90 days. In those 9- days, a new list will get downloaded. It will make sure that no matter if you leave updates accidentally, this will offer you the most updated details. 

Solution 2: Automatic Updates 

By automatically Updating the “Online Banking Account” you can fix Quickbooks Online Error 102. This process begins at 3 AM Pacific Time. If QBO Server is not getting updated data then it will again try to start the automatic updation at least five times in the next five hours. 

The details that are received are dependent on the fact that how many bank shares you have with QuickBooks Online. You cannot do “Auto Update” ON & OFF as you do not have access to that. 

Automatic Updates

Here is how to know the time of updates.

  • Tap on the option of “Banking”.
  • Choose “Update”
  • Under it, you can find the time and date of the previous update.

If the  Quickbooks Online Error 102 is still there then wait for some hours and follow the above same process again

Solution 3: Check Whether the Account Details are Correct

Account Details are Correct

Log in to your bank account by clicking on the URL link provided by your bank. If you cannot connect then follow the steps we have given below because the Quickbooks Online Error 102 has occurred because you were unable to connect with your bank account.

Here is how you can establish a connection:

  • Reach out to the “Menu” and choose “Banking.”
  • If you are new to linking your bank then reach out to “Search” and check if your bank shows there.
  • If you already are linked to a bank then tap on “Add Account” and locate your bank.
  • Select the bank from the available list.
  • Now on your bank’s website, fill your “User ID/Login ID” and then Password
  • Hit “Continue”.
  • If you are prompted to fill in any added security verification steps, then do it and tap on “Connect securely”.

security verification steps

  • On the left of your account, you will see the icon of the bank, click on it.
  • Pick your bank type whether it is a credit card account or not. If you do not have an account already existing then you can click on the option “Add + new” to create a fresh account.
  • If you join the bank account for the first time, QBs will download online transactions of the previous 90 days as well as the banking and cc transactions. 
  • Choose “Connect”. This will take some moment.
  • After the downloading process is finished, you will be redirected to the banking page automatically.
  • You can review using the “Review” tab which includes all the transactions downloaded from the bank.

Solution 4: Read all Notifications and Account Information 

It is important to read messages and notifications that you receive regularly from the bank. You may also get a warning notification about anything that is not working appropriately. Check that you can check the account history, summary, and transactions easily.

Solution 5: Contact Bank

Contact Bank

Another tip for you is to let your bank take appropriate action. If you still facing Quickbooks runtime error then contact your bank and leave the rest of the work on them. There is a chance that they already are working to repair the issue with your server. You should try to give your bank  24-48 hours to work on the problem.

Solution 6: Check if You have a New Account in the Bank

You can also get the error if you have opened your account recently or if the account is new to the credit card. The reason here is that few new accounts do not work properly with online banking. If this is the case then you should immediately get in touch with your bank/credit card provider.

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Final Words

This article contains in-depth knowledge about Quickbooks Online Error 102 and aspects related to it. All the solutions and tips are easy to follow and can be understood by any user. However, if you face any complexity while following any of the methods then feel free to contact QuickBooks Customer Support for more guidance. You can easily find their toll-free number online and get in touch with them. The experts there will calmly listen to your issues and offer the best solutions possible. 

We hope that you found this informative article productive. If yes, then as a token of gratitude, we would request you to check more such articles on our website. 

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