QuickBooks Update Error 404: Causes and Easy Solutions

QuickBooks software is used by numerous business owners to manage bookkeeping and accounting. With the help of this financial software companies can easily manage the financial aspect of their businesses. Developed by Intuit, this financial software is easy to use and friendly. While working on the QuickBooks software, users can get QuickBooks Update Error 404 randomly. Tackling with any error can be problematic for any user because this leads to obstruction in work. The main reason behind this is the failed synchronization of QuickBooks with Intuit servers. 

But this is just one out of many possible reasons, so let’s take a small tour to know about the QuickBooks Error #404 and how to deal with it properly. In this post, we will tell you all about this error. By the end, you will be able to fix this error on your own without any trouble. So, keep reading till the end.

QuickBooks Update Error 404

For your reference, we have mentioned the synonyms of QuickBooks Error 404 below: 

  • Service messages error# 404
  • Error 404 pages not found
  • Intuit Error 404
  • QuickBooks update error 404

Error 404 QuickBooks Journal

  • Error Name: QuickBooks Error 404.
  • Source of QB Error 404 Source: QuickBooks Sync Problem.
  • QuickBooks Error #404 Platform: QuickBooks Desktop and QB Online.
  • The narration of QuickBooks Service Messages Error 404: QB has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 404

QuickBooks Update Error 404


  • The web page could not be found on the server.
  • The page is banned but the URL is the same.
  • Error Code troubles the program window.
  • The computer breaks down with QuickBooks Error 404, even after running the same application.
  • Your screen displays “QuickBooks Update Error 404”.
  • Sluggish Window.
  • Windows starts freezing. 

QuickBooks Update Error 404 in Windows:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

Causes of QuickBooks Update Error 404 

QuickBooks Update Error 404

As we have mentioned earlier also, the main reason behind the cause of QuickBooks error 404 is the failed synchronization between QB and Intuit server, but there are other possible reasons that cause this error to occur.

  • The QB pages and Intuit server have failed to sync.
  • Incomplete installation of QuickBooks software.
  • The program is corrupt and deleting company files instantly.
  • This error also occurs when your system has an unreadable component.
  • Corrupt Windows system registry due to installation or uninstallation of QB software.
  • Virus or malware attack that causes QB program files to get damaged.
  • Error 404 QuickBooks also takes place when users request service with an expelled URL.

How to Fix QuickBooks Update Error 404 

We have discussed few solutions below to fix QuickBooks Error #404. Follow the steps one by one to fix this error and save your time and efforts.

Verify the Internet Speed

QuickBooks Update Error 404

  • Go to Internet Explorer and open a website of your choice.
  • If you find any problem with the URL opening then refresh the setting and try again.
  • If you are still facing issues then turn off your wireless router and again open the URL.
  • If the problem still persists then restart the computer and then try again.
  • Make Internet Explorer your default browser.
  • If your problem is not resolved then you have to contact the Internet Service Provider.

Change the Internet Settings

  • Go to Internet Explorer then Tools and then Internet Options.

QuickBooks Update Error 404

  • Then click on the tab of Security and select trusted Sites.

QuickBooks Update Error 404

  • Now you have to ‘*.intuit.com and *.quickbooks.com as the trusted sites.
  • Choose Close and Hit OK.
  • Log out and Close QuickBooks.
  • Open ‘QuickBooks > Open company file > Perform the job‘ again.

Update the QB to its Latest Version

  • Open the QB and go to the option of Help.
  • After that Select update QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Update Error 404

  • After the update process is complete then close the QB.
  • Open your file again to complete the work that got damaged by the QuickBooks Error 404.

If the error is not resolved then follow the below steps:

  • Type the Run command.
  • Type Appwiz.cpl” in the box.

QuickBooks Update Error 404

  • Select QuickBooks from the list of programs then select Repair.
  • Wait for some time until the repair process is finished.
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Use Incognito Mode (Browsing in Private)

  • Google Chrome: CTRL  + Shift + N
  • Internet Explorer: CTRL  + Shift + P
  • Mozilla Firefox: CTRL  + Shift + P
  • Safari: Command + Shift + N

Reconfiguration of System’s Settings

  • Go to Internet Explorer.
  • Find the option of Tools and click on Internet Options.

QuickBooks Update Error 404

  • Reach to the Advanced tab and make changes in the settings.
  • Close all programs after saving them.

Additional Steps

  • Repair Registry Entries that associate QuickBooks Service Messages Error 404.
  • Scan Virus and Malware attack into your computer.
  • Clean all the files that are junk files.
  • Clear history and cache files.
  • Update all the installed drivers.
  • Start Utilizing in the Windows System and after that restore to Undo by changing the system setting.
  • Now, uninstall and reinstall the QB software program which indicates the error.
  • Upgrade windows newly updates.
  • Perform a clean Window Installation.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Q. What are the Synonyms of QuickBooks Update Error 404?

There are many names for this error. The few synonyms of this error are:

  • Service messages error# 404
  • Intuit Error 404
  • QuickBooks update error 404
  • QuickBooks Service Messages Error 404
  • Error 404 pages not found

Q. What are the features of QuickBooks?

There are tremendous features of QB software. Some of them are mentioned below by us.

  • Easy management of book-keeping and accounting 
  • Cloud-based interface
  • with other accountants
  • Record transactions
  • Create estimates
  • Create payroll
  • Track inventories
  • Manage customers
  • Track sales and expenses

Q. What are the functions of QuickBooks?

This software maintains:

  • Multiple Tables
  • Tracking Sheets
  • SpreadSheets

Final Words

We have explained everything about the QuickBooks Update Error 404 and provided the easiest solutions to resolve the error that can be performed by any QB user. Do not forget to follow these solutions step by step. After performing each step, check if the error has been resolved or not. The above-provided solutions are enough to resolve this QB error of QB. In case, you were unable to fix the error on your own then you can always contact the support team of QuickBooks. If you found this post helpful then do visit our website to read more informative articles.

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