Error Code 9999 QuickBooks Online: Fix This Banking Issue Quickly

If you are a QuickBooks user then you must know that many users get Quickbooks Online Error 9999 while connecting with their banks and updating the information. This is why this error is also called a Banking error. Even after being a top-notch software, QuickBooks has some technical errors like QuickBooks Error Code 9999 which makes your screen show an error code message. You will not be able to perform bank-related tasks after getting caught by this error. We get the point that getting QuickBooks Online Error 9999 while doing bank work is irritating as it interrupts crucial business tasks and hinders work productivity.

Do not worry as you are not the only one facing this blunder error. Just go through this post attentively and follow all information. In this power-packed post, we will tell you everything about Quickbooks Error 9999, its root source, symptoms, and simplest fixation methods. 

QuickBooks Online Error 9999: Information

Quickbooks Online Error 9999

  • Error Number-  Error 9999
  • Name: Quickbooks Error 9999
  • Description: Error 9999: QuickBooks has faced a problem and needs to close down. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Developer: Intuit.Inc
  • Software: QuickBooks
  • Applies to: Windows, 7, 8, XP, and Vista

QuickBooks Online Error 9999 can choke your internet connection of Software as well as the bank leading to obstruction in business operations. If you encounter this error you can also report this.

How to Report the QuickBooks Online Error 9999?

Before following any solution, you can also report the issue online on the QuickBooks page itself. Here is how you can report this issue:

  • On your screen of banking transactions, tap on Report issue.
  • Give details like Registered Name and Email Address. Tap on the option of Submit.
  • Within the period of 10 days, you will receive a reply regarding the issue.

Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 9999

Quickbooks Online Error 9999

  • Instability in the internet connection. 
  • While connecting the bank with Intuit server.
  • Changes in Firewall settings.
  • Third-party applications like Antivirus.
  • System Cookies can also cause Quickbooks Online Error 9999.
  • Incomplete or corrupt QuickBooks installation.
  • Files related to QuickBooks have been deleted accidentally.

How to Identify QuickBooks Online Error 9999?

To save you from any kind of confusion, we have made a list of signs and symptoms that will help you recognize Quickbooks Online Error 9999 error easily. Check them out below:

  • You will face trouble while connecting to your bank account.
  • Your browser will respond sluggishly and start hanging.
  • Your screen will start freezing.
  • Your screen will flash an error code message repeatedly. 
  • If your system and application show these signs then make sure to this worthy article to save your money and time.

Now that we have discusses the information, root causes, and symptoms of the Quickbooks Online Error 9999, let’s go to the part of the solutions to troubleshoot this error instantly.

Error Code 9999 QuickBooks Online: Fix This Banking Issue Quickly

You can fix Error 9999 QuickBooks by following the instructions given below. But make sure to follow them in order to get the desired outcome. Have a look:

Solution 1: Delete the Sites that are Unwanted

QuickBooks Online Error 9999, Deleting unwanted data

Some cache files also cause QuickBooks Online Error 9999 to take place. You can remove it by following the below-given instructions.

  • This is the most comfortable method to fix the error. Go to Internet explorer. 
  • Navigate to the Favorites. 
  • Reach out to the option of History.
  • Choose a filter after observing the history.
  • Right-click on a site that you want to delete and choose the option of Delete.
  • The closing step is to see if the QuickBooks Error Code 9999 is flashing on your screen.

Solution 2: Fix Registry Files

 Repairing registry files

This is a tricky solution and if you do not read it attentively you may not get the desired results. So, go through this method carefully.

  • Go to the option of Start. Write Command. Click on Start.
  • Hold Ctrl + shift and hit Enter simultaneously.
  • Click on Yes.
  • Write Regedit in the black box, and tap on Enter.
  • Select the Key linked to Error Code 9999 QuickBooks Online you need to backup.
  • Choose the Export option.
  • Choose a Folder to save the backup key.
  • Write a name for the Backup File and save it.
  • Make sure you have selected a branch.
  • Make sure to save your file as a “.reg file“.
  • The closing step is to have a backup of the Registry Entry.

Solution 3: Disconnect and then Reconnect the Bank account in QuickBooks Online

To Disconnect

Disconnect and then Reconnect the Bank account in QuickBooks Online

  • Navigate to the accounting field where the updating problem is coming.
  • Look for the option Edit and select it.
  • Under the section of Edit, reach out to the tab Edit Account Info.
    Click on the Disconnect this Account option. Click on save.
  • Close the section and come back to the dashboard.
To Reconnect to QuickBooks Online
  • Click on the option of Add Account and link the QBO account.
  • Write the username and password details to get access to the bank account.
  • After the link has been established your QBO account will get the updated transaction.

Solution 4: Clear the Browser’s Cache Files

Browser’s Cache Files

Well, this is obvious that people use different browsers, but no need to worry as we have mentioned the different processes of cleaning Cache files for separate platforms.

  • Reach out to the top.
  • Click on the option of Develop.
  • Click on the tab of Empty Caches.
  • Reach out to the address bar and write preferences#privacy. Press Enter.
  • Clean the history.
  • Checkmark all unwanted cache and select clear now.
Google Chrome
  • Navigate to the address bar and write chrome://settings/clearBrowserData. Hit Enter
  • Reach out to the cached files and tick mark on unwanted data.
  • Press the option of Clear data.
Internet Explorer
  • Press the keys Ctrl+Shift+Delete together.
  • Mark all the unwanted files and reach out to the delete browsing history box.
  • Press tab on the option of Delete.

Solution 5: Linking QuickBooks Online


This is another strategy used to remove Quickbooks Error 9999. Have a look.

  • Cancel the present account of Quickbooks online.
  • Tap on the option Edit.
  • Choose Edit Account Info.
  • Click on Disconnect this account on save.
  • Pick the option of Save and Close.
  • Come back to the dashboard and renew the link.
  • Return to Quickbooks online account and link it there.
  • Updated transactions will be seen to you in the QBO account.

Solution 6: Configuration of Firewall Settings

Configuration of Firewall Settings

This step can genuinely fix the QuickBooks Online Error 9999 but only when you follow the steps precisely.

  • Open the browser.
  • Tap on Tools.
  • Navigate to Firewall Settings.
  • Under the firewall settings, choose Exceptions.
  • Incorporate the below-mentioned exceptions in the Firewall:
  3. QBW32.exe
  4. qbupdate.exe

Solution 7: Update the Bank

Update the Bank

Carry the process by following these steps:

  • Reach out to the Quickbooks online software.
  • Look for the Banking option.
  • Choose Update.
  • Do the steps again three-four times.

If the process of bank account updation does not resolve Quickbooks Online Error 9999 then move to the next advanced solution.

Solution 8: Manually Import Transactions in QBO

Manually Import Transactions in QBO

If all the above-mentioned solutions did not resolve your error completely then you can download/import transactions manually from the banking website. 

  • Go to the Banking option from Dashboard. It will open QBO.
  • Choose the option of Banking
  • Press tab on Update. You can now update the transactions manually.

Solution 9: Try to Login from another Web Browser

Try to Login from another Web Browser

Sometimes, this solution has to be adopted because the bank needs extra verification steps for security purposes. You can try this solution and check if there was a problem with the browser or not.

  • Open a web browser that is different from the last one.
  • Reach out to the banking website.
  • Use your credentials to log in. 
  • If your bank asks security questions then answer them carefully. Your bank can also send you an OTP, enter it for completing the process of verification. After you are done with login try to update the bank feeds in QBO.
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Additional Solutions to Fix Error Code 9999 QuickBooks Online

  • Conduct a full Malware scan on your computer to delete this error.
  • Clean the Junk stored in the system using the Disk Cleanup tool.

Disk Cleanup

  • Uninstall the Quickbooks and reinstall it afresh.
  • Undo the latest changes made by you in the system using the Windows System Restore.
  • Update the QB software to the newest version available.
  • To scan the error you can also run the Windows system file checker.
  • Conduct a Clean Window installation. 
  • Update the current Windows to its newest version.

Final Words

We hope that you were able to solve QuickBooks Online Error 9999 after going through our article. This is a single article that is power-packed with all the aspects related to this error.  In case, you have complex errors and more doubts, then feel free to associate with QuickBooks Customer Support. A group of certified Quickbooks experts will listen to your query and will provide the best guidance to solve your issue. 

Stay connected with us for more such articles. We are happy to assist you!

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