5 Advanced methods To Fix Quickbooks Login Error [Solved]

Quickbooks is financial software that is suggested by numerous professional entrepreneurs all around the globe. From sending invoices to manage business expenses, this astonishing software is still surprising its users with improved features changing the old traditional ways of accounting and bookkeeping. But with tremendous tools and features, there come errors and bugs also that not only frustrate you but also stoops your crucial task in between.

Quickbooks login error is one such error that can appear on your system anytime standing between you and your work productivity. This error will stop you from resuming your crucial tasks that need to be performed to carry out your business efficiently. So, it becomes necessary to deal with this error as soon as possible to stop it from creating more problems for you. 

Do not worry, you will not have to stop your crucial work in between because we have provided the causes, symptoms, and best 5 solutions to fix Quickbooks login error. So without wasting your precious time, let’s get started. 

Causes of Quickbooks Login Error

Quickbooks Login Error

  • Account getting accessed from a location that is different using the same login details.
  • Improperly signing out from the previous QBO session.
  • A third-party application blocking the functioning of Quickbooks.
  • Technical issue with the software company Intuit. 
  • Another reason that can give birth to Quickbooks login error is cache, cookies, and history.

What happens when Quickbooks Login Error Issue Occurs?

Quickbooks Login Error

When your system gets this error you may experience these things below mentioned. Have a look:

  • QBO doesn’t load correctly. 
  • QBO does not function properly on chrome.
  • The appearance of a blank screen after Logging.
  • Facing network error while login QuickBooks.
  • Chrome fails to load the Quickbooks Online login page.
  • Your screen will reflect messages stating that the needed services are ‘Not Available’ and Quickbooks email login has changed error

You may find the error (image below) when you attempt to login into your Quickbooks online account:

Quickbooks login error

Fix Quickbooks Login Error using 5 Advanced Solutions

Keeping all the causes, symptoms, and other aspects, we have come up with this power-packed article, where we will explain to you the proven solutions to fix Quickbooks login error.

Solution 1: Use a Different Web Browser

Use a Different Web Browser

Try to sign in with a different web browser to fix the Network error during login to QuickBooks. There could be a chance that the web browser that you are using is not being configured appropriately which leads to errors. You can use Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer. 

Solution 2: Use Incognito Window 

Another method to fix your trouble is to try signing in to the website using Incognito mode. By this step, Google will not record any history that you have browsed and no cookies will be saved. You can easily log in to the website. Here are the quick steps: 

Use Incognito Window 

  • Open the Chrome browser.
  • Click on the icon of “Customise and Control.”
  • Select the “New Incognito Window). You can also use the short commands-  Ctrl+Shift+N.
  • When you do it, you will find a new window in “Incognito Mode”.
  • Now open QB again and resume your work.

Solution 3: Delete Browsing History and Saved Cache

Delete Browsing History and Saved Cache

Most of the errors take place because of caches, cookies, and browsing history. So you have to delete them in order to run QBs efficiently.

  • Reach out to the icon of “Customize and Control.”
  • Pick the “Settings” option.
  • Select “Clear the history.” 
  • You will be redirected to a new tab.
  • Mark the unwanted boxes that you want to clear.
  • Tap on the “Clear data” option.

Solution 4: Adding a New User to Chrome

 additional user

If the above solutions did not help you fix the Quickbooks login error then you can follow this solution of adding a new user to chrome. The process is quite simple to follow:

  • Reach out to the “Google Chrome” and select “Settings” options.
  • Go to the base of the page and find the option of “Users”.
  • Tap on the “Add New User”.
  • Choose the “Icon”, type the desired “Name”.
  • Click on the “Create” option and the process will be completed. Now you’re good to go.
  • Now you will see a new user icon present on the left side. You can easily switch between the two users.
  • Now make an attempt to login into the software and check if the Quickbooks login error 9999 still persists or is gone. 

Solution 5: Check the Security Settings

Check the Security Settings

This is one of the most important steps to follow as examining your security could tell you if there is any error taking place because of the changes made in settings creating login issues. Here’s the process:

  • Open your “Internet”.
  • Reach out to the “Settings”.
  • Click on the “Tools” option.
  • Inside the Internet options, tap on the “Advanced” tab. Make sure to unmark ‘Do not save encrypted pages to disk’. 
  • Hit Ok.
  • Choose the “File” and tap on “Close”.

After following this step, you will successfully fix Quickbooks unrecoverable error after login. 

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Advanced Solutions to Repair QuickBooks Login Error

If you were unable to repair this troublesome error even after executing the solutions we have provided above then it is time to move to the advanced solutions to fix QuickBooks Login Error by checking the SSL settings of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. 

For Mozilla Firefox

  • Open “Mozilla Firefox” by clicking on its icon. Then reach out to the “Tools” option.
  • Now open the tab of “Advanced”.
  • Mark the boxes of “SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0” and hit OK.
  • Open the QBs on the browser once more after completing the steps.

For Internet Explorer

  • Type the “Run” command and write ‘inceptl.cpl’ in the search bar. Tap on OK.
  • Now “Internet properties” will get opened on your screen.
  • Reach out to the “Advanced tab” and then the option of “Security.”
  • Mark ‘SSL 2.0’ and SSL 3.0’ respectively. Tap on OK.
  • Open the browser and sign in again.

Change your Privacy Settings

Change your Privacy Settings

  • Do not set your privacy settings to higher because it will block many websites and links. So set it on lower or medium only.
  • Enable cookies by typing and then accessing the URL of Intuit. 
  • Close all the windows as well as the web pages. Sign In at the URL of Intuit. 

For Internet Explorer

  • Type “Run” Command and write ‘inceptl.cpl’ in the search field. Hit OK.
  • Reach out to the “Advanced” option and then the “Security” Tab. 
  • Unmark the box of “Do Not Save Encrypted Pages”. 

You are good to go!

Final Words

After explaining all the symptoms, root causes, and best solutions to fix  Quickbooks login error, it is time to conclude this power-packed article. We hope that you were able to fix this problem easily because we have provided the best methods available. In case, you are facing some complexities while performing any solution then do not hesitate to contact QuickBooks Customer Support for more guidance. You can find the contact details online and call them anytime. The professionals will listen to your problem patiently and will provide the best guidance to help you out.

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