Methods To Fix “Quickbooks Missing Name List Problem”

The world of accounting and Bookkeeping has evolved completely with the help of QuickBooks software. Having loads of technical features and tools, this software never fails to impress its users. Trusted by numerous firms and companies, this advanced application has gained huge popularity in the market. The only weakness of QB is that it is not free from bugs and errors that obstruct your crucial work while standing between you and your crucial tasks.

If you are a QuickBooks user then you must have encountered Quickbooks missing name list problem at least once because it is one of the most common issues. Encountering the “Missing name list problem” QuickBooks means that there are some missing items, names, accounts in a few areas of the QB desktop. You do not have to get confused as there is no error that cannot be fixed. All you have to do is to give a few minutes to this article and peacefully follow the steps that we will explain ahead.

Issues Occur During “QuickBooks missing name list problem”

 QuickBooks Error Missing Name List Problem Occurs

This problem makes your company files disappear from the QuickBooks list. There are few lists where this error can take place like a customer list, vendor list, etc. these lists include reports, centers, and transitions. After getting this issue, your screen will indicate a message reading- We’re sorry, QuickBooks can’t open the business file. Try to reboot your system to fix the problem.

This problem restricts QuickBooks to get access to open the company file. This is why it becomes necessary to repair this issue as soon as possible to continue the work. Don’t get startled as this error can be fixed by some basic fixing steps that you will be reading in the next section.

Reasons for the “Missing Name List Problem” QuickBooks Issue? 

 QuickBooks missing name list problem

Everything happens for a reason and so do errors. Before trying any solution, it is important to know where the problem got emerged from? By doing this, most of the problems will automatically get fixed. The causes that lead to the emergence of the Quickbooks missing name list problem are stated below:

  • Damaged Window system files.
  • Incomplete or incorrect Quickbooks installation can also lead to QuickBooks error missing name list problem.
  • Third-party applications.
  • Not removing applications properly.
  • Some antivirus can also give rise to missing name list problem QuickBooks as it makes the system at risk of errors.
  • An inappropriate shutdown of the system.
  • Corrupt files.
  • Virus attack on your system.

Now that we have discussed the causes of the QuickBooks missing name list problem. Let’s move on to the troubleshooting part, where we will be discussing the latest solutions to fix this issue completely.

Proven Solutions to Repair QuickBooks Missing Name List Problem

If you want to resume your work on this financial software then you must eradicate this problem. You will be delighted to know that our post carries 5 solutions for repairing QuickBook’s missing name list problems. Now you will never face this problem in the future. Just follow the solutions given below.

Solution 1: Using QuickBooks File Doctor 

Quickbooks File Doctor

This repairing tool is an astonishing tool that can fix many problems related to QuickBooks. You do not need to download this tool separately as it is already integrated into the application. Here is how you can use QuickBooks File Doctor. 

  • Install the software system and launch it.
  • Go to the section of the Company File Problems.
  • Click on Run Quickbooks File Doctor.
  • Look for the company file with an issue. Click on the option of Repair.
  • The tool will identify the errors themselves and repair them. After the process, you will get a notification about the problem.
  • After it, check if the QuickBooks Missing Name List Problem has been fixed or not.

Solution 2: Restoring the Company File Backup

Restoring the Company File Backup to fix QuickBooks missing name list problem

Restoring a backup will enable you to restore the old data and re-enter the transactions. Follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the company file.
  • Reach out to the option of Open or Restore Company.
  • Under that tab, tap on Restore a backup copy. Press the button Next.
  • Choose the option of Local Backup and tap on Next.
  •  From the option of ist choose a location for your backup file.
  • Go for extension .qbb for your backup file.
  • Tap on the option of Open and Hit Next.
  • After performing these steps, save the List of choices. 
  • Choose a Location for your file.
  • Name the folder and press Save. If your screen shows notifications then read them carefully and reply in order to start the restoration process.

Solution 3: Using Quickbooks Auto Data Recovery

This solution is performed to retrieve the recent transaction with the use of extensions .qbw.adr and .tlf. But note a point that Quickbooks Auto Data Recovery is in versions of QB premier, professional, and Enterprise. You won’t be able to use the recovery in the controller versions. Also, the size of the file is around 1.5GB, and make sure to use the newest version of QB.

Follow these instructions:

  • Navigate to the Desktop and create a fresh folder by right-clicking.
  • Name your folder ‘(QuickBooks Test/QB Test).
  • Open that folder where you have kept the company files.
  • Press F2 to get the files.
  • Open the file and look for the file having an extension of .tlg. It has a similar name to your company file.

.tlg file

  • Copy your Company file and paste it to that folder that you had created in the first step naming QuickBooks test.
  • Open the folder of Quickbooks Auto Data Recovery, it is located near the company file folder.
  • Copy the .QBW.ade extension file and go to the folder of QB test and paste it there.
  • Now see if you have .tlg and .QBW.adr in the folder of QuickBooks test.
  • Now reach out to the folder of QB tests and click on the .QBW.adr. Do a right-click on it and choose Rename.

QB test Folder

  • Now you will find .adr at the bottom of the file, delete it.
  • Click on QB.
  • Reach out to the company file and click twice on it. Enter the credentials to ensure the availability of transactions.
  • Visit File, then Utilities, and verify the data.
  • If the company file that you have posted is correct then you can shift it to any other site. You can also transfer the copy file from the QB test folder to the original site.

Solution 4: Performing a Clean Install

Clean install

Broken and corrupt files can be repaired by conducting a clean install. You can conduct it via QuickBooks Tool Hub.

  • Download Quickbooks Tool Hub and open it.
  • Reach out to the section on Installation problems.
  • Select the tab of Clean Install Tool.
  • Now a clean installation will get started.

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Solution 5: Download QuickBooks Error Missing Name List Problem Repair Utility

Download QuickBooks Error Missing Name List Problem Repair Utility

This is called the Novice computer user solution and it is fully automatic. Here is how you can fix the QuickBooks missing name list problem by following this solution.

  • The beginning step is to download the QuickBooks error missing name list problem repair utility.
  • Save it on the desktop.
  • Find the file and click twice to open it. 
  • Run the application.
  • Click on the Scan option.
  • Finish the procedure of scanning and click on the tab of Fix errors.
  • The damaged files will start getting repaired automatically. 
  • The important part begins when the above process is completed. 
  • Restart the PC and see if QuickBook’s missing name list problem has been repaired or not.

Final Words

The solutions we have provided to you are full problem solvers to QuickBooks missing name list problems. You will be able to fix this issue on your own after reading this article because these solutions are easy to implement. We explained to you all the reasons, symptoms, and troubleshooting methods to take you out of this drastic QuickBooks Missing Name List Problem. However, if you encounter complexity while performing methods then feel free to contact QuickBooks Customer Support for further guidance. The certified experts will listen to your query and resolve it in no time. 

To read more such informative articles, do visit our website. We are happy to guide you.

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