A Complete Guide to Fix Quickbooks Update Error 1328

Quickbooks Update error 1328 is one of the errors of Quickbooks that occurred while updating Quickbooks or updating Quickbooks Payroll. If you also encountered such an error that you need to read this post to the end to know more about it and make it to the conclusion to resolve this as immediately as you can.

As we all know, every small and medium-sized enterprise is now heading and acquiring modern technicality to maintain accounting and book-keeping activity without any hassle and error-free, Quickbooks Accounting Software. This software is based on a cloud server that allows its users to access the data from anywhere or anytime. This software is way more user-friendly than it sounds. Through this software, a user can handle all the intricate task on their own such as maintaining a balance sheet, create payroll, managing bill payments, paying the online bill, creating customize receipts, calculating taxes, and many more. QuickBooks update Error 1328

It is very important to make sure this software has always be maintained with regular updates and when you try to update, install, uninstall, or reinstall the Quickbooks, QuickBooks update error 1328 arise and hinder your workflow.   

This post covers all the important information related to this error in brief. If you are encountering an error 1328 Quickbooks update in your system then this post is just for you. Read this post to know everything about this error, the definition, the symptoms, the factors, and most importantly the solutions to fix this without any hassle in no time.

What is Quickbooks Update Error 1328?

Quickbooks update error 1328 may be a bit irritating however common in Quickbooks. This error happens once the user is changed, installing, uninstalling, or repairing the Quickbooks. The prevalence of this error is often associated with the C:/config.msi folder in Quickbooks however will be displayed in several in multiple ways in which.

The config.msi folder may be a temporary storage folder for storing information of Quickbooks, that required to revive the installation if it fails. once the installation method is with success done, the information within the config.msi folder will be deleted. In case, if this information can’t be removed, then it starts misbehaving with the installation and repairing activity in Quickbooks ad the Quickbooks unleash update error message 1328 stating:

“Error 1328: Error change file C:\Config.Msi\PTXXX.tmp”

Scroll down the post to understand the opposite factors, totally different symptoms, and multiple solutions to get rid of the error in several ways in which.

What Are The Factors inflicting Quickbooks 2016 Update Error 1328?

Every error happens because of some reasons or factors, and it’s necessary to understand all of them. the rationale helps the user to grasp the error and also the techniques to get rid of it. If you recognize that factors square measure triggering the error, you’ll work out the answer to get rid of it. therefore let’s look at the explanations 1st and so move to the answer half.

  • If the user is unable to get rid of the information from the config.msi folder
  • If the Quickbooks downloading method is incompletes
  • If the Quickbooks files square measure corrupted or broken
  • If the network is inadequate whereas downloading Quickbooks might result in the error 1328 Quickbooks update.
  • If the system operation is wired by some malfunction or infectious attack, error 1328 arises.
  • If the user is unable to create associate degree Un-installation of a package application that may have left invalid entries in your Windows register.

These square measure some factors that reveal the places that square measure misconducted and also the consequences return up as a blunder in Quickbooks. Currently, it’s time to see the signs and impacts of the error on Quickbooks and also the systems.

What Are The Symptoms of Error 1328 Quickbooks Update?QuickBooks 2016 update error 1328

These square measure symptoms that error 1328 Quickbooks update shows up once occurred.

  • When this error occurred it block the user to put in or uninstall or update the Quickbooks
  • The user is unable to use any of the repairing strategies in Quickbooks
  • Quickbooks stopped operating whereas this error emerged.
  • Quickbooks unleash update error message 1328 zero the system video display during a pop-up message box.
  • The windows get slow and sluggish
  • The computer can respond late to the input devices like the mouse and also the keyboard.

Regarding all the facts and factors regarding the Quickbooks 2016 update error 1328, the user has spare info to grasp the error. Currently, it’s time to explore the solutions to redeem the error on your own.

How to fix Quickbooks  Update Error 1328 Updating?

The following solutions square measure explained in an exceedingly elaborate manner to create it straightforward for the users to use and resolve the error itself with no trouble. It’s suggested to ne’er skip associate degrees step for a correct result, typically users skip those steps that square measure terribly crucial to erase the error from the system, therefore don’t get down any step and apply it rigorously.

Method 1:- verify the config.msi file

  • First, head to the Start  Key on the screen hover, and right-click on that.
  • Now choose the Open Windows Explorer Option.
  • After that, within the window explorer chooses the C drive key and double-click on that
  • currently to indicate all the hidden file and folder follow the below steps
  • First, click on the possibility of the tool, and so once select the folders
  • Now, click on the Read tab and select the hidden files and folders.
  • After that, click on show hidden files and folders.
  • now click on the Apply choice to approve all of your changes you created then hit the Ok button to substantiate it.
  • The above steps permit the users to access all the hidden files that come into the system.
  • Now head to the config.msi file right-click on that and choose the rename possibility.
  • Now create changes within the file name, add.OLD at the tip of the file name and hit the enter button
  • Now hide all the in operation file as well as all the hidden file and folders once more on your system through these steps
  • Go to the tool possibility once more and click on on the folder possibility.
  • Now choose the read tab and deselect hide protected software system file
  • After the press on the apply choice to create the changes associate degree then hit on the Ok button to substantiate your action.
  • These steps can once more hide all the hidden files that you simply turned alter to indicate to resolve the error 1328 Quickbooks update.

Method 2:- Apply Repair Registry Tool

  • At first, the user is needed to use the Registry repair tool to repair the broken entries related to the Quickbooks application.
  • Now, apply any malware removal tool, to mend any quiet malware or infection to the system, and free from all malware attacks from the device.
  • The user has to do an extra task to urge obviate all the unwanted junk files from the system.
  • After doing that, the user has to uninstall all those laptop device drivers that square measure obsolete.
  • Now, restore the info by Undo through recent system changes, apply by the system.
  • After applying all the steps on your system, currently, the user must uninstall the Quickbooks and so install the appliance once more on the system.
  • After that, begin to run your Windows system file checker by doing the scanning.
  • Now, install all the essential windows update on your device.

Method 3:- Repairing Procedure of Quickbooks Installation

  • To start this method, the user has to log in with the executive credentials.
  • Now head to the beginning button click on that to open.
  • Now, head to the search field and kind management to open the Windows control board tab
  • After that, choose the Program and options possibility,

QuickBooks release update error message 1328

  • Here, the user can see the QuickBooks Product heading tab, click on that
  • After that, choose the uninstall/change button to uninstall it.
  • Now, the Quickbooks installer can airt to the screen, choose the repair possibility
  • After following the top of the step, the user has to run the Quickbooks and apply the patch once the method completes.
  • If you’re lucky the patch gets applied on Quickbooks and therefore the error gets erased, if not then move to the future step to resolve the Quickbooks 2016 update error 1328.

Method 4: – Reinstall the Quickbooks Through Clean Installation

  • This answer starts with the uninstallation of the Quickbooks application from your device.
  • After the uninstallation method is completed, the user is needed {to do|to try an installation method of Quickbooks with a Clean Installation Tool.
  • For the clean installation method, the user must select one possibility between two options which is:

error 1328 Quickbooks update

  • To make the installation method of a Quickbooks as directly from the installation drive
  • To make the installation method of a Quickbook through a downloaded file as given into your pc.
  • The user must select the primary possibility, Directly put in Quickbooks software package from a CD, as a result of it’s relatively straightforward to perform.
  • Now, transfer the Quickbooks and put it into your system.

5: Solution- Apply Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks update error 1328 updating

  • After downloading the QB Tool, save the Set-up file on your system
  • Now run the tool on the QuickBooksDesktopInstallDiagnosticTool.exe file to put in the tool on the device. Meanwhile, click affirmative for the groups & condition and license agreement
  • After the palmy installation of the QB Install Diagnostic Tool, restart your system.
  • Click on the QB Diagnostic Tool to open it.
  • Go to the “Quickbooks install Diagnostic Tool” possibility, click on that to initiate the scanning.
  • This method can take a moment to scan and verify the error from your system.
  • After the identification is completed, simply restart your device and ensure all the important parts for QuickBooks square measure updated


Hopefully, all the on top of strategies assist you well to see the Quickbooks update error 1328. This post starts with a fast review of the Quickbooks accounting software package then hop to the most topic Quickbooks 2016 update error. when shaping the error very well, the post headed to the core parts or factors that cause the error prevalence and therefore the symptoms that replicate the impact of the error on the system. on balance the essential data, you’ll realize the answer wherever each step is explained very well kind that eases the means for all the users to use the answer on their own.

In case you discover it tough to use these strategies to resolve the error, it’s suggested to contact Quickbooks client support consultants. they’re 24X7 obtainable on a fee range to assist Quickbooks users in each scenario. They avail you with an awfully precise answer and resolution to your downside.

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