How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 6123? – [Complete Guide]

Quickbooks Error 6231: Problem connecting to Server” 

Is this the message that flashes on the screen of your computer screen, then this post is really written for you only? Read this post to the end to know the actual reason behind this message. 

As we all know, Quickbooks is the most renowned platform to maintain the accounting and Book-keeping activities of the business.  All the small and medium-sized enterprises are acquiring Quickbooks nowadays to perform all the intricate tasks of accounting and book-keeping easily. This software is designed by an American company Intuit to build up a new environment for a small and medium-sized company to take a lead in the market without having too much worry about their accounting book.

But there is a saying that if you are using any hi-tech software, always get ready to face hi-tech issues that came along with the software itself. So it is in Quickbooks, many of the Quickbooks users encountered and complained about the error in QB software that interrupts the workflow. Quickbooks Error 6123

Quickbooks Error 6231 is one such QB error that emerges in Quickbooks while restoring the backup of the company file. In this post, we are going to specifically discuss the Quickbooks error -6123, 0. This post will cover all the related aspects of this error in detail. So let’s just get to the point.

What is Quickbooks Error 6123?

QuickBooks error code -6123, 0 is sometimes encountered once the user tries to revive the backup of the corporate or gap the corporate file on multi-user mode. This error happens with no previous indication and creates an abundant disturbance within the company file. Once the QuickBooks Error code 6123 emerges a message box pop-up on the computer screen with a message: “Problem connecting to Server”.

Quickbooks Error 6123

Whenever this error arises you mostly obtain help to resolve it. This post will certainly assist you to urge to obviate the error. Scroll down for an extra grasp of the bug and its solutions.

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Factors that emerges QuickBooks Error 6123 zero

Every error emerges as a result of some reason or factors that triggered it to arouse. There are some factors that facilitate QuickBooks error code 6123 to arrive and it’s sensible to understand the explanation for the arrival to urge to obviate it simply.

  • The host network is corrupted.
  • A firewall is obstructing the communication between the server and also the company file.
  • Special characters square measure utilized in the QB file name.
  • QuickBooks File and QuickBooks information file is broken.
  • Installed McAfee Antivirus is officious with the QB desktop files.
  • McAfee’s privacy service is put in with the Block internet Bug filter possibility hand-picked.
  • QuickBooks isn’t upgraded.
  • When the company file is accessed on the new version of QuickBooks.
  • The user is restoring the backup from the removable memory device.
  • The QBW file is broken.

Signs that Shows QuickBooks Error code – 6123 has Occurred

If you discover below-written signs on your video display, you’ll get to understand that you simply square measure encountering QuickBooks error 6123;

  • QuickBooks Error code 6123, 0 can seem on the computer screen during a pop-up message box.
  • The user can not be ready to open the QuickBooks Company file.
  • QuickBooks won’t respond properly.
  • The Computer system can freeze for a few moments.
  • The current window, you’re performing on, can get corrupted.

Now, once we understand all the factors that cause the QuickBooks error code 6123 to emerge and conjointly regarding the symptoms to acknowledge the error simply, it’s time to maneuver to our next moreover because the most vital topic, the answer to resolve the error entirely from the system.

Troubleshooting Methods to Fix Quickbooks Error 6123

The below ways are the keys to break down the QuickBooks error code 6123, 0 and create your QuickBooks Desktop back in business.

Method 1: Create some changes to the corporate name.

  • Remove all the Special Characters and space from the company file name.
  • Make sure that the company file name is not more than 30 characters.

In the initial and foremost technique, these changes can create the error stop, and also the user is ready to access the corporate file once more. If not then follow the nesting technique.

Method 2: Use QuickBooks File Doctor

Quickbooks Error 6123

  • Go to the official site of Intuit to download Quickbooks File doctor to resolve error 6123 0 Quickbooks. 
  • After downloading the QB File Doctor, save the setup file  on the system 
  • Now, you have to run the downloaded file on qbfd.exe to install the file on the system.
  • After the installation completes, click on Run QuickBooks File Doctor.
  • Browse your QuickBooks Company file.
  • Now mark on Check your file and network possibility.
  • Click on Continue then enter your correct admin Credentials and then click on continue once more.
  • It will take your time to determine the error and resolve it.
  • Then, you have got to settle on the situation between the Server and digital computer wherever your company file is kept, and click on Next.
  • After finishing the repair choose the QuickBooks Company file from the given list and click on that to open.
  • If the file isn’t responding then reboot your laptop and check out to open the QuickBooks Desktop once more.

If the company file opens, certify to form a replica/backup, if not then follow consecutive techniques to eliminate the error.

Method 3: Run Quickbooks Tool Hub

  • Download and install the QuickBooks Tool hub.
  • After the installation is finished, open the QuickBooks Tool hub.
  • Go to the third tab from the home tab, the program problem tab.

Quickbooks Error 6123

  • Select Re, it should take your time to repair the difficulty.
  • After the method is completed, open the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • This answer from the QuickBooks Tool hub can certainly join forces with you to resolve the QuickBooks Error code -6123 zero. If the error still remains then continue with the consecutive technique.

Method 4: Uninstall and set up QuickBooks

Before setting up the QuickBooks, you have to uninstall the QuickBooks initial. So, follow the steps to uninstall the QuickBooks.

  • Close the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Prompt to pass by pressing Windows+R key along.
  • Type board within the Run box.
  • In the board choose programs.
  • Now, choose programs and have within the program tab
  • From the given list choose QuickBooks then click on Uninstall
  • After uninstalling the QuickBooks you’re ready to set it back. you’ll set up the QuickBooks exploitation of the Clean Install tool instead you’ll scan the total step-by-step guide to set up it.

Method 5: Fix it Manually

When nothings work and Error still move your system, try and the setup of error manually, and for this follow these totally different steps

Step 1- Rename .ND and .TLG files
  • Open company folder
  • Choose .ND file (i.e. My Company File.qbw.nd)
  • Right-click on the .ND file and choose rename
  • Now whereas renaming the file add .old after .nd within the file (i.e. Mt Company File.qbw.nd.old)
  • Now repeat the identical procedure with.TLD file.

 Hopefully, this can work if not then move ahead to a consecutive step.

Step2- Change the Location of the Company File

If there’s any drawback with the trail of the corporate file then simply amend the situation and check out to access the corporate file. To do so, follow the lead

  • First, head to the folder, wherever the corporate file is found.
  • Hover and right-click on the folder to copy and certify the file you traced has extension code is .QBW.
  • Now head to the desktop, right-click on that, and choose the new folder to create one.
  • Now open the new folder and right-click on that to stick the traced file.

Your location of the corporate file is modified to desktop, currently try and access the corporate file, if you succeed then it’s nice if not then move to consecutive steps.

Step 3- Set correct Folder Permission

Sometimes it’s the only fault that the folder setting isn’t set to full access. It all depends on the Window setting and also the window user login.

Step 4- Create a New Window User

In this step, you’ll produce a brand new Windows user login to access your company file as a result of there may be an opportunity of corrupted Windows user login.

  • Go to the Windows Start Button and go to the control panel.
  • Click on User Account Icon and choose the create a new User option
  • Select Administrator for user type then logs off of this user you’re exploitation.
  • Now, restart your laptop to form changes
  • Now login with a new User ID and password.
  • After login, move your company file to the desktop.
  • Now you’re ready to access the QuickBooks company file with a brand new location and User ID.


With these ways and solutions, certainly, the QuickBooks Error code -6123, 0 is determined and your system can go back to business while not wasting any time. we have a tendency to perceive your drawback. which is why we have a tendency to discuss the total issue during this post. But, if the error still persists then you ought to take facilitate from the client service specialists of QuickBooks official website.

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