QuickBooks Tool Hub: Complete Guide To Download and Install

When it comes to the best software that can make accounting, bookkeeping, and all the financial work of business super easy then it is QuickBooks only. From managing online payment to track expenses, this leading software is ruling the market and trusted by millions of users. But this is software, and just like any technical gadget and application, this too is also not free from issues, errors as well as bugs. The software also needs a support system to function properly and fix errors so that users continue their work smoothly for more productivity. Quickbooks Tool Hub is one such support system that is required to make QB error-free. 

In our post, you will get all the information related to QuickBooks Tool Hub. Read till the end to know why this tool is used by users managing tremendous business industries.

But before going straight to the section where you will learn how to download and use this tool, let’s understand what QuickBooks actually is because this is where the QuickBooks tool hub will work.

What is QuickBooks and Why is it used by Numerous Institutions?

QuickBooks Tool Hub

QuickBooks is the best software to manage the accounting and finance aspects of all businesses. This software is suggested by many institutions all over the globe because of having multiple advanced features that help both small and medium-sized business owners. Work like online payments, tracking taxes, calculating expenses, generating invoices, etc can be easily done via this software in the most simple way possible. 

Despite the fact that QB is trusted by many and is used on a wide scale, this software also has few error issues that disturb the important work of users. In order to tackle such errors and help users, Intuit developed QB Tool Hub.

Why Intuit Developed QuickBooks Tool Hub?

Well, before the creation of this tool, Qb users had to download separate external tools and other applications to get the errors. This used to consume a lot of time because, for each error, a separate tool had to be used. Before using those tools, users had to go through the internet to make heavy research and it was both costly and a long process. 

time-consuming and long processes also. So, Intuit developed this application and included separate tools for each error. This is how this repair Tool Hub was created. 

Errors that can be Fixed by using  QuickBooks Tool Hub?

QuickBooks Tool Hub

No doubt, errors can lead to disappointment for any use as no one likes interruption in their work. This tool enables users to delete the technical errors and also helps with the problems we have mentioned in the next few points.

Installation Issues faced by Users

  • Connection Issues 
  • Network problem and Difficulties
  • Company File Issue
  • Errors while entering Login Details
  • Low-Performance Issues 
  • Freezing of Screen

What makes this tool extra special is the wide list of tools it has. Each error is treated separately and in order to make the situation under control, Intuit developed QuickBooks.

QB Tool Hub also addresses the error mentioned below:

  • Error 102
  • System Crashing Troubles  
  • Error 6073
  • QB Error Code 1334
  • Pdf related Problems
  • Printing Issues
  • Issues with Company File

List of Requirements for QuickBooks Tool Hub Download

Before proceeding further, make sure to have a good internet connection to install the app without glitches. Following are the requirements to download QB Tool Hub.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework: Make sure to update it before downloading this repair Tool. 
  • Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package.

Download QuickBooks Repair Tool Hub with these Steps

  • Download the Quickbooks Tool application from Intuit’s website.

Download QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • After downloading it properly, open the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file.
  • Your screen will show a new Installation window will come. Click Next.
  • Read The License Agreement thoroughly and Choose Yes tab.

Download QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • Locate the Quickbooks tool hub setup in a folder where you can easily access it.

Download QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • Open the application and choose ‘Install’, it will start the installation process. 

Download QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • Click yes after the installation is complete. 

Download QuickBooks Tool Hub

List of Latest Tools in QB Tool Applications

Having multiple advanced tools to fix bugs and errors, QB is leading the market of software. Each tool developed by Intuit serves a separate purpose for each error. You will read about the components/tools in the next few paragraphs. 

Company File Issues

Company files also do damage to the computer. For this, you need to use QuickBooks File Doctor. Don’t worry, you do not have to download this application separately because QB Tool Hub has it integrated within itself. 

Through the tool hub application, run QB File Doctor. Now select the company file, fill in the credentials details. Now the application will start detecting the error on its own and repair it.


The home screen contains important data about QuickBooks Tool Hub and also instructs the ways to use it. It shows the tools’ names along with their usage properties for each and every error. 

Network Issues

If a user is facing network or connectivity issues then this tab is used. Navigate to  ‘QuickBooks Database Server Manager, press tab on it and it will detect and start fixing all the errors.

Program Problems

In case, you are facing program problems, then the following are the methods mentioned that need to be followed:

  1. ‘Quick Fix My Program’
  2. ‘QuickBooks Program Diagnostic Tool’ 
  3. ‘QuickBooks Print and PDF RepairTool’ 

Installation Issues

Installation, re-installation, and uninstallation problems can be resolved after going to the Installation Issues tab. It contains advanced tools like Quickbooks Clean install that enables users to conduct the clean installation of QB to fix the damaged files.

Password Reset

Forgetting things is in human nature, it is possible for a user to forget passwords sometimes. In that case, going to the tab ‘Password Reset’ will be a help. A user can reset his login details and credentials by entering his registered email id to login again.


As the name suggests itself, the Support tab helps a user to get in contact with the QuickBooks support team in case of needing solutions to complex errors.

Advanced Tools

This tab provides you with Windows shortcuts for resolving common QB errors.

Fix Issues Associated with the QB Tool Hub

In the next section, we will discuss how to fix errors that are related to this application. Don’t worry, below are the easiest steps that can be performed by QB users to fix the issue.

The Company File Issue

Company File issue

Visit the ‘Company File Issues’ tab and choose it. QuickBooks File Doctor will be run by the Tool Hub will. Now, you will be prompted to follow instructions coming on your window in order to start fixing the file. For more help you can use the ‘Help’ option.

Networks and Connection Issue

Network Issues

If you are encountering internet and connectivity errors, then use the ‘Network Issues’ tab. Open that tab and attentively follow the onscreen instructions one by one your windows reflect.

Solving Performance Issues

Sometimes users get in trouble because their window freezes and the system gives bad performance because of errors. If this is the case with you, then go to the Program Problems tab. There are three tools available under it that have been explained below to help you level up the performance of your computer.  

Program Issues

  1. Click on the option ‘Quick Fix My Program’ to fix the error. It will shut down all the running programs in the background of your system.
  2. Use ‘QuickBooks Program Diagnostic Tool’ to fix the issue but it is time-consuming as the process can take 20 minutes. 
  3.  In case, you are dealing with problems related to emailing and printing PDFs in the software then you should use ‘QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool’.

Installation Issues

Issues that are related to installation can also be solved by following these steps:

Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Installation Issues

  • Download the QB tool hub and install it properly.
  • Now launch tool hub.
  • Navigate to the option of installation issues.
  • Select Quickbooks install diagnostic tool.
  • The scan will be started and the error will be repaired.
  • Wait for a few minutes and check if the error is fixed.
Clean Install
  • Clean install option in Qb to save your time from uninstalling and reinstalling the software. 
  • Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub after making a click on the desktop icon. 
  • Go to the Installation issues tab. 
  • Choose the clean install tool, it will start an installation of Quickbooks.

Password Retrieving Issues 

Reset Password

Sometimes, users have multiple passwords and they forget a few passwords. If you also face this situation in QB software then you can easily reset your password. Go to the Reset Password button and fill in your registered email.  You will get a link on your email on which you just have to click. After clicking, you will be able to reset your login credentials.

Support Issues

Support Tab

In case you are a new QB user or are facing many problems while using QuickBooks. Then just make a click on the ‘Help & Support tab. This will redirect you to the help interface of QB where you will find relevant information about your query.

Uninstall QuickBooks Tool Hub (To Fix Few Errors this Solution is Followed)

Don’t get confused after thinking about why we are telling you the steps to uninstall QuickBooks Tool Hub.  Sometimes, fixing an error demands the uninstallation of this tool. By uninstalling and reinstalling this tool, few errors can be solved. Here are the steps to do the process of uninstallation.

Uninstall QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • To your PC, add the advanced uninstaller PRO.
  • Go to Advanced Uninstaller PRO and open it.
  • Search for the General Tools option and Choose Uninstall Programs tool. 
  • Browse the QuickBooks tool hub from the available list and make a click on it. 
  • Click on the option uninstall.
  • A confirmation dialog box will be reflected on your screen.
  • Choose the uninstall option and the application will be deleted through Advanced Uninstaller PRO. 
  • After the uninstallation process is completed, pressing on Next will take you to the clean-up process. 
  • Start the clean-up action and wait for a few minutes to let the process finish.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is the Method to access the QuickBooks Tool Hub?

The method to open this application is the same just like any other software. From Intuit’s website, download the quickbooktoolhub.exe file and follow the instructions step by step coming on your screen.

Q2. Does QuickBooks File Doctor have to be Downloaded Separately?

Intuit has created this application to help users not to waste their time. You can easily download QFD from Intuit’s website because it is integrated into the software itself. To run QFD, open QBs Tool Hub and then go to the ‘Company File Issues’ tab and click on it, then run the file doctor tool of QB.  

Q3. QuickBooks Tool Hub is Free or Costly?

This application was created to help small and medium-sized business owners. To save users from stress and long processes while fixing errors, Intuit made it free to all users. 

Q4. What are the Tools Associated with the QB Tool Hub?

QuickBooks Program Diagnostic Tool, QuickBooks File Doctor, and QuickBooks Database Server Manager are few tools that are associated with QuickBooks Tool Hub.

Q5. What are the for Quickbooks File getting Corrupted or Damaged?

There is not a particular reason for getting QB files corrupted because your QB file can get damaged if the file size is large, the PC is shut down properly, virus attack and the antivirus sometimes can also damage the company file in QB. When this situation happens, symptoms like the immediate shutdown of the system, zero response from QB, error messages popping on the screen continuously occur.

Final Words

We have tried our best to explain everything about QuickBooks Tool Hub in one article. This information will definitely help you in using this tool efficiently. By now, you might have become well versed in downloading, using, and other aspects related to QB Tool Hub. If this article helped you clear your doubts then do visit our website comments section to help other readers also. You can also visit our website to read more interesting articles, you will definitely find relevant content.

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