Quickbooks Component Repair Tool : How to Download & Use It?

QuickBooks is considered the best financial software available in the market in present times. This renowned software has evolved the way business owners performed accounting and bookkeeping.  When it comes to software that can manage financial aspects of business effortlessly, then the first name to strike your mind is QuickBooks. But despite having incredibly advanced features, its drawbacks can’t be hidden. 

While using QuickBooks, it is natural to get some errors like 1935, 179, 15223, and other installation problems popping up on your screen for which you will have to use QuickBooks Component Repair Tool (Discussed in detail ahead).  These errors can be dangerous for your system if not fixed immediately. They can cause your data and files to get damaged, crashed, corrupted which can impact your business in a negative way. This is why Intuit has come up with many free tools to solve errors so that you can continue your work without any trouble.  Component Repair Tool Quickbooks is one such tool that can be used for free and can repair most QuickBooks errors. 

In this incredible article, we will tell you the easy way to download and use this astonishing repair tool to fix technical errors related to QB installation. 

QuickBooks Component Repair Tool: What is it?

QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

Before jumping to the procedures, it is crucial to understand what exactly is Component Repair Tool Quickbooks.

It is a tool developed by intuit to fix QB installation errors encountered while using the .NET framework, Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft MSMXL, and other windows elements needed for the functioning of QuickBooks. The finest thing about this astonishing tool is that you don’t have to configure it manually as it automatically scans and errors to repair them. 

You can download and install this tool for free. If you do now know the process of QuickBooks Component Repair Tool Download and how to use it then no need to worry because we will be explaining all these things in detail. 

How to Download QuickBooks Component Repair Tool?

QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

By now you must have got an understanding of how important this tool is. Now let’s move on to the downloading process. 

This is a short procedure because you do not need any extra setup and configuration. Just follow these easy steps provided below:

  • Close the ongoing programs.
  • Now download the Component Repair Tool Quickbooks setup file. 
  • Reach out to Intuit’s authentic website and download the QuickBooks component repair tool.
  • Once downloaded, click on it and perform the actions flashed on your screen to conclude the process.
  • The closing step is to reboot your computer and run the repairing tool.

This is how you can download and Install QuickBooks Component Repair Tool successfully. Now let’s explain to you how to use this tool to fix numerous errors and issues.

Way to use QuickBooks Component Repair Tool 

This tool can be used to resolve errors related to components and installation. 

  • To use this tool, first, restart your system before you run this repairing tool.
  • Close all ongoing programs.
  • Go to Intuit’s authentic site and download Component Repair Tool Quickbooks. 
  • Click twice on the file after it gets downloaded to run and install it.
  • The ending step is to reboot the system after installing the tool.

QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

Now you have downloaded the tool, let’s discuss when to use QuickBooks Component Repair Tool.

For what Scenarios QuickBooks Component Repair Tool can be Used?

Now you must be thinking that, after downloading this tool, how to use it or for what circumstances you need to use this repairing tool. Well, do not get confused as we have covered everything for you. Just make sure to go thoroughly through this productive post. 

For Installation Errors

This tool can be used to fix Installation Errors. Read the whole article to know the methods in depth. 

QuickBooks Installation Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Installation Diagnostic Tool

  • The starting step is to download and then install QuickBooks Installation Diagnostic Tool.
  • Now save that to the desktop.
  • Cut all windows that are open and launch the QB Diagnostic Tool. it will identify errors on its own. 
  • Restart the system after clicking on the repair option. 

Downloading Window Updates

Downloading Window Updates

If you are using an old MS window then you may face a QuickBooks installation error because the old windows will miss the updates regarding the .NET framework, Visual C++ and MSMXL. Follow these steps to download the windows update.

  • Click on Windows keys and type “Windows” in the search field.
  • Update the windows and restart the computer for enhanced performance.
  • Install the QuickBooks component repair tool.
  • Run the tool to see if there is any kind of error present in the system.

Fix NET Framework Errors

fix .NET Framework

  • Download QuickBooks Component Repair Tool and install it.
  • Save the file.
  • Close all the ongoing programs.
  • Click twice on the downloaded file – QBInstall_Tool_v2.exe.
  • After the error detection procedure is finished, you have to restart the computer.
  • In case, the error is still troubling you then Press the Windows key and type Windows Update in the search area.
  • Confirm if the Updates are functioning appropriately.

Reconstruct Microsoft MSXML

If you get any damage in the Microsoft MSXML component then chances are high that you will not be able to complete the QuickBooks installation process. To fix it, follow these instructions: 

Reconstruct Microsoft MSXML

  • Register the MSXML.dll file to initiate the procedure.
  • After finishing the registration process, uninstall the MSXML 6.0.
  • Now again install the tool.
  • Now uninstall MSXML 6.0 Service Pack 1 and install it again.
  • Fix the damaged MSXML 6.0 file using the QuickBooks Component repair tool.

Frequently asked Questions

What type of Errors can be Fixed by QuickBooks Component Repair Tool?

This tool can fix errors like:

  • QuickBooks installation errors
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Microsoft components related technical errors
  • Framework
  • Microsoft Visual C++
  • Microsoft MSXML
  • Error code 1935
  • Error code 1603
  • And many other errors

What is the Cost of the QuickBooks Component Repair Tool?

It is completely free of cost! This tool can be downloaded from Intuit’s original site. 

What to do when QuickBooks Component Repair Tool can’t Resolve my Error?

Feel free to contact QuickBooks Customer Support for further guidance. The professionals there will listen to your query and will tell you the best solutions to resolve it. You can find the details online.

Final Words

After describing almost everything about this tool, we are finally concluding our informative post. We hope that you were able to use the Quickbooks component repair tool windows 10 efficiently as well as resolve all errors. After reading this article, you will easily resolve QuickBooks installation errors and avoid facing them in the future also. 

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