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QuickBooks software was developed by Intuit to help small and medium-sized business owners of all sectors. QB POS was developed with the motive of replacing the old cash register system used for tracking sales, customer details, and inventory. The two major benefits of POS are- Accuracy and Analysis. POS is required by all business institutions whether it is big or small or big. Using QB POS is mandatory if someone is in the retail or wholesale industry.

This is not a hidden fact that software and errors/bugs run parallel. Users often face unexpected errors during the installation or while using the software that affects their daily business.

Some issues can be solved by users by following solutions of each error available online. Whereas there are instances when users are unable to fix issues on their own. Then the role of QuickBooks Point of Sale Support comes into play. 

But before jumping to the main section let’s understand why we need Customer Service?

Importance of Customer Service

Importance of Customer Service

There is a lot of competition among companies to give the best services to their customers and increase the profit. In this case, having a direct connection with the customers can be very helpful and can increase the chance of expanding the business on a large level. Below are some reasons why Customer service plays an important role in business growth.

  • It Represents your Brand Value and Motive: Customers make assumptions about the brand based on social media, advertisements, and content but with the help of customer service, you can control this assumption. By providing friendly customer service, you can influence customers about your brand and get control over competitors.
  • Good Customer Service will create Happy Customers: Happy customers lead to a better reputation which goes well with any business. It attracts investors, customers, employees, and partnerships.
  • Community Building: When businesses build a platform where customers can also interact with each other raising questions and clearing doubts then it accelerates the growth of companies.
  • Longevity of Business relies on Content Customers: We all know that it is a huge risk for business owners to start a company, so, giving customer support is a way to minimize losses and understand the market value based on the views of customers

Intuit QuickBooks POS Support

Importance of Customer Service

QB provides Product Support, Product Updates, Sales, Getting Started guides, Feedback, Training, and QuickBooks Community. Let’s discuss it all one by one in brief.

  • Product Support: This is the first option on the support page of QB POS. This option gives you three options according to your comfort level-  QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Online Payroll. And the services are for free.
  • Product Updates: This section contains a systematic flow chart for the product. Here a customer will find full details about all updates the company had launched.
  • Sale: A customer has to press a click on the Contact sales Tab and a box will come up on the screen with some information and numbers of QB POS technical support.
  • Training for You: This section offers videos, webinars, events, etc to the customers in order to enhance their skills.
  • Submit Feedbacks: This section allows customers to share feedback about the products of the company. Their feedback could be positive, negative, or neutral.
  • QuickBooks Community: QB has also developed a community where customers and small business owners can join as well as share ideas and tips.
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Steps to get QuickBooks POS Support Number

quickbooks point of sale support

In just a few steps, users can contact QB POS support.

  • Click on the Help option which is available on the menu bar.
  • From the list, choose to Contact Us.
  • Now, you will see the option of ‘What can we help you with?’ write your query in that box.
  • Now, press a tab on the option ‘Let’s talk’.
  • Now you will be given two options ‘Get a Callback or ‘Get the Number’. Choose any of them and you will be able to talk to the support team. 

When to Dial QuickBooks POS Technical Support Phone Number?

POS Technical Support Phone Number?

As we have mentioned earlier also that ta software and errors/bugs run parallel so, it is obvious for users to face errors while installing or using QuickBooks. Not only this, there are so many users who have less knowledge about the technical side of QB. If you are one of those who has very little knowledge about technicalities then you can always dial QuickBooks POS Tech Support Phone Number. The technical support team can help you resolve any errors, we have listed a few out of many below:

  • Quickbooks POS Store Exchange Error
  • Quickbooks Point Of Sale Licensing Error
  • Quickbooks Pos Application Log Error
  • Invalid Product Number Error
  • Quickbooks Pos Programmatic Error
  • Quickbooks Pos Error Message

POS Ipad Support

POS Ipad Support

Ipad users can also talk to customer support if they face any error or difficulty in using QuickBooks. The major questions asked by Ipad users to the POS Ipad Support are:

  • Ways to integrate POS with QuickBooks on Ipad?
  • How to customize QB on Apple iPad?
  • What are the steps to backup a QB POS file on Ipad?
  • How can I access QuickBooks on my Ipad?
  • How can I  create POS invoices on Ipad?
  • How can I set up QuickBooks on Ipad?

The teams of QB POS support are trained and put a lot of focus on customers while dealing with their queries. You can always contact them on their numbers or initiate a chat by using Quickbooks Chat Support.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Q. Does QB offer a Trial Period?

QB offers a free trial for 30 days and a user can enjoy the free services by just entering a name, address, email, and password. Another thing to add up is that QB does not ask for Payment details from users during the free trial session.

Q. Which Payment Method is accepted by QB Software?

Credit or debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, etc are accepted by this software.

Q. Can we use Quickbooks for Multiple Companies?

Yes, a user can have multiple companies in one QBO account or email. But a point to note down here is this also depends upon the plan you are buying.

Q. How to Reset a Password?

In case, you have multiple passwords and forget your QB POS credentials then follow these steps:

  • Visit the Intuit QuickBooks POS Support site. 
  • Click on the ‘Can’t access the account?’ option.
  • Press the tab on ‘I forgot my user ID’ and enter your registered email address.
  • You will get an email with the user ID by QuickBooks Customer Technical Support 


In case, you are facing any problem related to QB then always feel free to call QuickBooks POS Support for effective guidance. Good customer service facilities are offered by Intuit QuickBooks POS support. We hope you found this article helpful and reliable enough to assist you. 

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